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    An Unexpected Error Occurred Windows Wireless Network Issue

    By lighthouse

    You are all excited about installing your new wireless card or USB wireless adapter on your Windows Vista computer or perhaps on your Windows 7 upgrade and while you  are trying to set up your wireless network you suddenly encounter this message; “An unexpected error occurred” . To begin with, if it was so unexpected why would it be configured in the windows operating system to give you that message? It’s sounds more like a oxymoron, perhaps they should have used a different message like; an unusual error has occurred, because they had to expect it in order to put the “An unexpected error occurred” message in the OS in the first place.

    Pardon me, I had to get some whine out to make me feel better about this somewhat frustrating issue. It’s frustration comes from a lack of information, directly with the “unexpected message”, while attempting to configure ones wireless network settings. For understanding purposes, this is an issue that occurs with Windows Vista and Windows 7, I know this because I spent too much time searching the internet for a resolution to my problem. Hence the reason for posting this resolution for others.

    After installation, which appears to go well, the new hardware is listed in the device manager and under network connection properties it says; the device is working normally and it has the driver you just installed. Perhaps you reboot the computer after the install and then you attempt to configure the wireless adapter to connect to the wireless router via the wireless program or windows networking wizard. But, something is amiss, you notice that it does not list any wireless networks in your area….. and you know there are some nearby.

    In the Windows 7 case, you may try using the windows troubleshooter which informs you that there may be a issue with your newly installed wireless card, even though everything else says it’s working properly. This is really what is unexpected about the unexpected error message! Confusion sets in, perhaps some frustration and perhaps you do some research and find out that the card you have is not listed on the windows 7 compatibility site, so you take the card back to the store and come home with refreshed hopes. You made sure to pick up a compatible wireless card.

    You go through all the installation steps carefully, and with excitement you reboot the computer to find that it still does not see any wireless networks in your area. Oh No! Could it be? You go to the network figuration program and you click on the link to start the process and you get a somewhat expected message;  “An unexpected error occurred”, and disappointment sets in. You search the internet finding an array of possibilities such as editing your registry, to having a virus. Then you see one that catches your attention because it mentions something you have, Zone Alarm.

    So here is a likely solution for you who have similar circumstances and Zone Alarm. Unistall your wireless USB adapter or wireless card, drivers and all! Uninstall the Zone Alarm program and reboot your system. Install your wireless adapter drivers and wireless program FIRST, and reboot the system. Configure your wireless adapter as you had attempted previously, testing it to make sure it works with your router. Then reinstall zone alarm again, reboot your computer and configure the zone alarm client.

    If you found this helpful and would like to show a little appreciation for resolving a headache, please consider sending a friend a birthday card!
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    One Response to “An Unexpected Error Occurred Windows Wireless Network Issue”

    1. 1
      Liam Says:

      I never really thought about the “unexpected error” message. I never really thought about it before, but that is pretty funny.

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