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    Take Care Of Your Customers, Your Customers Take Care Of You

    By lighthouse

    The Pope said it not long ago; "businesses need to change the way they are doing business". But before business can change, the people running the businesses need to change. Far too many businesses focus on one thing, and that one thing is money. When you look at the economic upheaval it is clear that due to selfish greed, many businesses have committed "more money suicide". The love of money will eat people up and leave them in there own pit of destruction. Life is not about the acquisition of things, or materialism, or of a selfish bank account. Life is about learning to love people, it’s all about relationships.

    Here is a question for all businesses; is your business driven by the love of money or the love of people? If you are in a business, you need to be honest with yourself, the future of your business depends on it. Is it all about how much money you can suck in for yourself? Do you attempt to manipulate your customers to obtain your own selfish desires? Do you try to brain wash your employees with the more is better mentality? You know the more for your business, the less for the customer, and the least for your employees? Just in case this article has already offended something in you, you need to know that’s because a truth has hit home in your heart.

    Just today I had two experiences of business extreme. I walked into a jewelry store, walked up to the counter and this kind lady asked me if she could help me. Because I have a bit of a silly nature, I started to point at different rings saying that I like to have one of those, two of them, one of these, and six of those. This other lady decided to get in on the conversation by saying; "ok I can help you with that". The lady who initially greeted me just gave me this look like; "can you believe her". Unfortunately, yes I could believe her, she was so focused on herself and on her own commissions that she did not care about anything else. So I said to her; "you would really like that wouldn’t you". With exuberance she says "oh yes". I looked at her, straight in the eyes and said; "imagine that", and then turned my head in disgust. It was quite clear that she did not care about the customer or the customers needs, she only cared about her precious commission.

    My next stop was at a tire shop, I had a tire that was slowly loosing air. As I walked in I was greeted in a kind fashion by one gentleman, while another store salesman was looking to outfit another customer with a new set of trick wheels. The other customer was probably about 45 years old, he was driving a compact car that was in fair shape. The young salesman tells him that what he needs to do is put on a new set of wheels, trying to make a sale, the gentlemen gives him this look that said; "do I really look that stupid", and said, "no I do not need any wheels". The point here is that all too often businesses are trying to get over on their customers, not trying to take care of them. What are you saying to the customers when you treat them as objects of your selfishness? You are saying to them that you don’t care, and that you can not be trusted. You ever wonder why some people walk out the door without purchasing anything? Sometimes it’s the way you make your customers feel.

    Far too many businesses look to squeeze their customers like sponges. Businesses have this once their in the door mentality, where they proceed to rake their customers over the coals any way they can. They push their customers, they sell them things they don’t need, and then they selfishly say thank you at the register. Businesses scam their customers because their greedy thinking leads them to believe that the customer will never come back anyway. So, let’s rip off our customers while we have the chance to! By the measure you measure to others, it will so be measured unto you.

    Business owners take heed of this! Stop being so selfish in your business, lower your prices to make more sales. The more sales you make the more revenue you obtain. Start treating your customers like you appreciate them, show them respect, offer to be of assistance without trying to shove things down their throats. Create a new business mentality and thus a new customers experience. Relate to your customers needs, put your customers first, change the entire atmosphere by removing the typical self centered business approach. Treat your customers like they are your friends, because without your customers you do not have any business. Change your business prospectives, start treating your customers like they are the only ones you have. You want your customers to come back, and you want a relationship with them that they can trust. Know that your customers are going to tell others about their experiences with your business. Make caring impressions, be kind, show some love, relate to them at their levels, not at the levels of your bankrolls!

    Stop thinking that you are fooling anyone, people are getting wiser to the greedy business ploys of the past. Recently I went to a neighborhood grocery store that had a large banner on the front of the building. It was supposively offering methods to save on gasoline costs. Well I went in, and the people were friendly, (that’s a plus), however the savings appeared to be eaten up by the costs of the groceries. The gasoline savings offer was not even as good as their nearby competitors, they were offering 5 cents off for every 50 dollars purchased. Whoopee Do! There is another grocery store around the corner that offers 5 cents off for 50 dollars, 10 cents off for 75 dollars, and 15 cents off for a hundred dollars. Besides that, they had their own gas station on site, (unlike the whoopee do place), and the costs of their groceries were less.

    How do you relate to them? Realize that people are looking for deals, understand that many of them do not have much money to spend. And realize that like myself, so many of them are tired of paying 4 dollars for 2 dollar items! The old greedy business mentalities are on the way out, move past yourselves and look to help out your customers, they are your neighbors, treat them with value. If your gas station is selling gas that is 20 cents less than the rest, you are going to be serving the needs of people and are going to have the most business. In this manner less is better, because the volume will far exceed any loss and the customers are going to return. Now in thinking relationally, your employees are also customers, you squeeze your employees with mediocre wages trying to get the most profit and don’t realize that all employees are customers. Perhaps not for your business, they know your business practices, and so do their friends!

    A whole bunch of stingy employers equals a whole lot of money strapped customers. If the customers do not have any money to make purchases, then the businesses do not have any customers. Everyone is in this together, businesses need to look at the whole picture, every person who works is a potential customer somewhere. Your business practices not only affect you, those practices affect your employees and all the other businesses as well, which in turn effects everyone. It’s all connected, all tied together, everybody and every business plays a intricate role of the whole. Take care of your customers and your customers will take care of you.

    Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it. Never tell your neighbors to wait until tomorrow if you can help them now. Proverbs 3:27-28

    Love is more important than anything else. It is what ties everything completely together. Colossians 3:14

    Anyone watching the price of gasoline lately? After dropping well below 2 dollars per galloon, just prior to Christmas, it’s now on the rise again. Why did it drop so low just before Christmas? Was it finally understood that burning the customers, was burning the economy and the potential Christmas time sales? Seems it may have been far too little, far too late. It’s January of 2009, it’s going to be interesting to see what the gas prices are like in 6 to 8 months.


    Area Average Price
    Wyoming 1.417
    Montana 1.422
    Colorado 1.538
    Utah 1.592
    NewJersey 1.593
    Idaho 1.622
    Texas 1.638
    SouthCarolina 1.642
    Tennessee 1.652
    Louisiana 1.656
    Missouri 1.672
    Virginia 1.675
    Georgia 1.676
    Alabama 1.676
    Delaware 1.677
    Oklahoma 1.680
    Arkansas 1.682
    Mississippi 1.682
    NewHampshire 1.686
    Massachusetts 1.714
    Maryland 1.721
    NewMexico 1.722
    NorthCarolina 1.732
    Arizona 1.739
    Kansas 1.765
    Kentucky 1.767
    Vermont 1.767
    Pennsylvania 1.771
    RhodeIsland 1.799
    SouthDakota 1.805
    Minnesota 1.806
    FloridaState 1.820
    IowaState 1.830
    Connecticut 1.837
    Maine 1.838
    Nebraska 1.847
    NorthDakota 1.861
    Ohio 1.869
    NewYorkState 1.880
    Indiana 1.886
    WestVirginia 1.898
    Oregon 1.911
    Nevada 1.917
    Michigan 1.917
    Illinois 1.931
    Wisconsin 1.939
    Washington 1.955
    California 2.014
    Hawaii 2.321
    Alaska 2.402



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