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    Save Money On Gas Going To Las Vegas, Gas Saving Tips

    By lighthouse

    No matter where you are going to, you can save money on gas with a little homework. There are many websites now that have gas prices available for local areas. For the purposes of this article we are going to focus on saving gas money from the southern California area's such as Los Angeles, Orange County,  and San Diego to Las Vegas and visa versa. The focus here will be on highway 15, which is the main route to and from Las Vegas.

    Your starting point will ad variables to this article, however chances are you are going to need gas on your trip to Las Vegas and you can save some money by knowing where the best gas prices are along the way. I have made this trip numerous times as I have moved to Las Vegas and often go to California to get some fresh sea air upon occasion. The first warning I can give you is to avoid getting gas in Primm, Nevada. Although this appears to be a highly popular spot for travelers to get gas, it is also one of the most expensive places to stop. Gas in Primm will generally cost you 30 to 40 cents more a gallon than it would in Las Vegas or at another selected gas stop along the way. Keep in mind that Primm is only about 44 miles from Las Vegas, so you are not going to need much gas to get to Las Vegas from Primm anyway.

    Corona, CA. at the junction of highway 15 and highway 91 might be considered a good central point for many drivers heading to Las Vegas from Anahiem, Santa Ana, Irvine, Lake Forest, and the San Diego areas. The distance between this point and the city of Hesperia is about 52 miles. As soon as you come over the mountains and enter Hesperia, from California, there is a Pilot Gas station on left side of the freeway 15, however you need to take the highway 395 exit to get to it. It's no hassle at all to get back on the highway 15 from this Pilot and it is almost always the 2nd best in gas pricing only to it's sister Pilot gas station which is 37 miles farther down the freeway. There is a Wendy's inside of this Pilot gas stop, a well prepared mini mart for travelers, restrooms, and showers for those who wish to wait a little bit. It is usually fairly clean and well kept.

    The next Pilot is at I-15 at Lenwood Rd. which is just short of the main section of Barstow. Barstow like Primm is a gas price hog, so this Pilot is the best bet to save on gas prices before Las Vegas. You will know you are coming up on this exit by a large sign on the left side that has the letters "TA" on it. After getting off of the Lenwood Road exit you would turn left to go to this particular gas station, however there are other options in this area and several food options as well. This is a fairly popular area among motorists to stop, yet the gas prices at the Pilot and the Loves down the street from Pilot are always the lowest in between Corona, CA. and Las Vegas. From this Pilot gas station to Las Vegas it is 155 miles to the Frank Sinatra exit and 160 miles to the Sahara Avenue exit. So if you have a 15 gallon gas tank and get over 11 miles a gallon you can make it all the way to Las Vegas with a little gas to spare. Of course most vehicles should get much better milage than that, and should be able to get to Las Vegas with much more left in the fuel tank.

    At the time of this Article the gas price at the 2nd Pilot was $2.97 and the gas price in Primm was $3.35 per gallon, while a Barstow station right off of the I-15 was $3.59 a gallon. Feel free to choose your own way, pay high gas prices if you like, and empty your wallet and your gas tank going to Las Vegas or save on gas going to Las Vegas and use the savings to buy your dinner. At the time of this article gas prices in Las Vegas ranged between $2.83 and $3.02, you can usually expect to save on gas in Las Vegas by 25 cents a gallon over most areas in southern California.


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