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    Water Saving Tips & Ways To Conserve Water

    By lighthouse

    With all the water off in your home, watch the water meter triangle for movement, any movement indicates water usage and thus possible leakage. The water meter is generally in the front of the house and the lid can be lifted easily with a screwdriver.

    Test and check your irrigation systems for any leaks.

    Cut down on your showering time.

    Use a low flow shower head, (some have lower flow, but compensate with higher pressure).

    Use a shower head with a shutoff valve, (this coincides with the low flow showerhead above).

    Buy a dual flush toilet or install a dual flush system in your toilet tank.

    Watch This Water Saving Conservation Video:

    Toilets are notorious water wasters, make sure they are not running or leaking. Pour some colored food dye in the tank and look in the bowl for signs of leakage. Give this at least ten minutes before considering it “good”.

    Turn off the water while washing your hands, or while washing your hair.

    When shaving, fill the sink with water rather than letting the water run.

    When washing dishes by hand, fill the sinks with water to avoid having the faucet on constantly.

    Use the shorter wash cycle modes for dish washers and washing machines.

    Always use a hose nozzle to turn off the water at the end of your water hose.

    Wash your vehicle at a car wash that recycles water.

    Use drip systems to irrigate your plants.

    Channel your water from rain gutters to plants and vegetation.

    Use 5 gallon buckets to catch rain water for other usages.

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