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    Economic Greed In America Stems From Greedy People (Pigs)

    By lighthouse

    The source of the economic collapse in America does not stem from one leader, but rather from the greed that consumes people through their own selfishness. Greedy people run greedy businesses, they pursue money and then they wonder what happened when their own greed eats them up. Rapacity is the reprehensible acquisitiveness; insatiable desire for wealth, it is extreme gluttony. One worldly leader can not control the greed that devours America, nor will a new leader be able to make change without addressing the corporate greed in America. The source of the economic upheaval is greed coupled with irresponsibility.

    There are many instances that one could point out with regards to the greed that consumes people. However, I would like to start on a more general, wide scope hypothesis. This is intended to explain certain facts and observations on the greedy behavior that I am eluding to. Businesses are in business to make money, so they focus on making the most money they can. Their greed makes them cut corners, rake customers over the coals, and dribble out incomes to their employees. All the while this is happening, there is often one person or perhaps a few that are benefiting from the covetousness. Many corporation leaders overload their pockets with gluttony while watching their employees struggle financially. Since this is the typical business mentality, many businesses follow with the same greedy approach.

    Consider how the issue can mushroom when many businesses take the same approach and leave their employees to scrape up crumbs. Squeezing employees to obtain more out of them for less is like choking ones own neck. How? Those same employees are the ones that go to stores and purchase items. When all the employees are strapped for income, due to greed filled businesses, they don’t purchase as they may have previously done. Now an overwhelming amount of businesses aren’t making necessary revenue, so they start cutting back more. The greed of the business itself inwardly implodes upon itself, next thing you know they are crying for help.

    Although there are some other factors involved, greed is the center of the turmoil. Greed is what caused banks to make loans that they knew, (in advance), would cause people significant problems. Presidents do not control businesses, people control businesses. Greedy people who run irresponsible businesses and make the cash stashes for themselves, and then go to the government asking for financial aid. There is one CEO of an american auto dealer who goes to congress for help and tells them he made some 9 million dollars the year before. When asked if he would take a pay cut, he said that his wage is ok where it’s at. That CEO has a responsibility, and that responsibility is not to himself.

    No matter where you look greed is all around you. By the way, did you know that I have recently created a medication that will help you to better control your anger. Yep, you should ask your doctor about the new medication called tame greed. Don’t worry it has been well tested by many irresponsible people who want to fill their pocket books. Not to worry, there are only a few side effects, such as extreme convulsions, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, upset stomach, decreased appetite, lack of oxygen to the brain, double vision, loss of hearing, insomnia, and paralyzation on one side. For those who are pregnant, it has been shown by lab rats, that premature pregnancies are fairly common among adults who use this prescription while also taking antibiotics.

    Now your insurance provider probably will not cover the costs of your medical necessities, because quite frankly, that costs them money. I could be wrong here, but I think insurance companies are out to make money as well, not to necessarily provide you with the necessary health care that they promised you. You know you can always depend on a little green lizard to be there for you when you have had an auto accident as well. Surely they are not more interested in selling you something so they can accumulate wealth right? A salesman once told me, I can sell anybody on anything. So I said, so you manipulate others with falsehoods in order to attain for yourself right? I would like to take a picture of dumbfounded, but I missed my opportunity there, sorry!

    Just sign here, I will bring a microscope with me so you can read all the ways that we will attempt to weasel out of our commitments and take full advantage of the free money you send to us responsibly every month. Don’t worry it comes with a full tail light guarantee! Once I collect mine, it does not matter what you need, thanks for fulfilling my greed! Let me show you this vehicle, it’s fully loaded, it comes with two 50 gallon gas tanks so you can go farther in between fill ups. The mileage rating, um…..it’s seems they did not include that information with this model, but I tell you it’s really pretty good with those two gas tanks! Heck, we’ll even fill up one of those tanks up for free before you drive off, just to make sure you can make it home safely. You do live within five miles right?

    In the summer of 2008 gas prices skyrocket above $4 dollars a gallon. It seems they always attributed the increase of gas prices to the level of demand. In other words, the greater the demand the more their greed would allow them to jack up the prices. How does one substantiate higher costs of fuel due to increase of demand? They only need to go to the well more times, which is covered in the costs already. The more they pump, the more they sell, the more money they will make irregardless. That is greed by way of deception, but dishonest money dwindles away. In the midst of the economic turmoil we see that in November of 2008 that the gas prices are plummeting, (below $2 dollars a galloon in some places). When I look on the freeways I still see cars, and I still see traffic jams, so what gives? What now the demand is much less? Come on now! No, it’s the fact that people wait until it’s already too late to change what consumes them. Interestingly enough they seem to be gently lowering the prices, does that make you wonder if they are hiding something? People don’t like to be embarrassed by their selfishness or the greed that they have played a part in.

    Injured at work, no problem, just fill out these papers, go to our doctors who will readily diagnose you as healthy and we will set you up with a insurance adjuster who will surely take care of you! Surely our doctors will patch you up with some medication that will surely cover up the problem, (as long as you take it for life). Don’t be worried, we won’t need to raise your employers insurance rates because we know how to take care of this issue as inexpensively as possible. We take pride in the work we do, intimidation is the name of our game! By the time you get home from the physical therapist we are sure that the pain you are experiencing by your newly deformed back will have elevated itself.

    Greed….. those who are not content will never be content, and greedy people are seldom honest about the inward issues that consume them, and the people that they manipulate for personal gain. The pursuit of money will never bring happiness, there are no rewards in greed, unless you consider a reward to be self consuming. What is going to overcome the greed in businesses and corporations? Humility, because with humility people will grow wiser to the selfishness that eats them up from within. Last time I looked there was a place for all the pigs, it seems that all pigs wallow in the same mud.


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    One Response to “Economic Greed In America Stems From Greedy People (Pigs)”

    1. 1
      Art Says:

      One of the best articlea I've read in a long time.  So true.  I'm a traditional conservative…but I hate corporate america and what it does to people. It's all about the money…and that is the downfall of our society.

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