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    Marital Issues Marriage Problems Save Your Marriage From Relational Conflicts

    By lighthouse

    The honeymoon is over and now your faced with what is seemingly never ending turmoil. That is with the person you said you loved, right? You are both pointing fingers at the other person like you are perfect and like neither of you have any flaws right?

    Chances are that neither of you are being honest with yourselves or with your spouse. Pride and selfishness are now at the root of your problems and you don’t want to face the truths, or at least not about your own contributions to the issues that have overcome your marital bliss.

    If two people really love each other, then why would there be so much discord between them?

    Because they are not loving each other!

    They are far more focused on themselves than they are each other. They are not willing to take ownership of their own responsibilities that have caused the difficulties. The bottom line is, they might say they love the other, but that is not really accurate.

    "I Love You" is an outward expression. You won’t find two people who are focused on outwardly expressing love to each other having marriage issues that they can not easily overcome together. Because their love for each other is more than their love for themselves. Real love sacrifices, this is called Otherness.
    The solution begins within you, start taking inventory of your hearts motivation. Stop pointing your finger outwardly, humble yourself and point it inwardly. Chances are, that if you are being honest, that you will find you have made mistakes and that it’s not just your spouses fault.

    It takes two people to "tangle". It also takes two people to love each other.

    A Dr. Phil Stat:
    For the couples that pray together, Only 1 in 10,000 marriages end in divorce.
    But it’s 1 in 2 for those who don’t pray.

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    Topics: Marriage Problems | 1 Comment »

    One Response to “Marital Issues Marriage Problems Save Your Marriage From Relational Conflicts”

    1. 1
      Ricky Says:

      I agree, it takes two, and one can’t keep it going (alone), you know what I mean? Although self-esteem, pride and selfishness-to name a few- can be a problem, ALOT of marriages tend to LACK or LOSE their major components,-like a house if you will,…-at 1st it is built, it is brand new, solid, strong and fresh,…but over time it weathers and erodes,…some houses can withstand the shifts of the land, and some can’t,…but maybe,…just maybe,…if the house is built on such a solid foundation,…the lands will shift over time, but the foundation will remain…

      Comment: I see what you are attempting to say, but it’s actually the reverse. The “Marriage House” will grow stronger over time if the components of the marriage are built on the right foundation. A couple can mature together over time, that maturity does not come on the wedding day.

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