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    HP 7410 Printer Won't Boot Up, Stuck In Software Boot Cycle Fix

    By lighthouse

    If you are reading this it is because you have just joined the HP 7410 printer stuck on stupid club! Your printer is on an endless start up cycle where you just watch the screen bar continuously doing the same thing and you can not use your 7410 printer. You may have already tried rebooting it to no avail, and you may also have tried resetting it with the same stuck on stupid results. And perhaps like some, you may have gone to the HP website for technical assistance, went through a set of printer troubleshooting annoyances only to end up with HP offering you a refurbished HP 7410 all in one printer for $200! I wonder is HP offering to sell us a unit that they repaired, that has the same defective flaw as the printer that we already have? Could this be a means where they are attempting to capitalize on their failure by charging people two hundred dollars for something that they know has lemon like behavior?

    Fix for HP 7410 that will not Boot, stuck in start up mode, seems frozen!

    There is one drawback to this work around fix, and that is that your 7410 all in one printer will not have wireless functionality. So if you are able to use the USB or Network connections to connect your printer, (or if you already are), then this little trick will relief some undue stress for you. Should you decide to do this yourself, make sure for your own SAFETY that you UNPLUG the printer unit before attempting to do any servicing.

    1. Turn the 7410 all in one printer unit around so it is facing you.
    2. Remove the black paper feeder from the back of the printing machine by pressing in on the tabs on either side and pulling away from the machine. See the figure below of the back of the 7410 printer:

    3. Remove the two silver screws, (circled in neon green, in the figure below), holding this back panel piece on. Then with the two screws removed, push upwards on the piece to unlock it from the printer and then remove it.

    4. With this back panel piece removed, look to the upper left side of this diagram below:

    5. Zoom your focus into the area in the illustration below, pay attention to the area where the green arrow is pointing. The wire you want to unplug is the one nearest the TOP of the board and SECOND in from the back of the printer. (I actually used a pair of needle nose pliers to grab the white portion of the connector and pulled it outward to remove it from the main board.)

    6. If you have some question as to what wire it is, look a the picture below, the wire's connector head is rather small, has 6 wires, covered with black plastic sheath, located BEHIND the first (larger) plug in the upper left hand corner, as you look at it from the back.

    7. Once you have removed the wire simply tuck it away from any electrical connections, you could also choose to tape it up with some electrical tape before doing so. Reinstall the HP 7410 all in one printer parts in reverse order. Plug in all your printer connections and then power up the 7410 printer again. I gave my printer about a minute before I started to hear some life coming out of it, and in short order it fully booted up to the normal software booted printing position. In testing it I found that all the functions, (printing, copies, scanning, and faxing), where once again working.


    Topics: Kick It To The Curb | 250 Comments »

    250 Responses to “HP 7410 Printer Won't Boot Up, Stuck In Software Boot Cycle Fix”

    1. 1
      jifru Says:

      It worked as advertised. Thanks for the explicit instructions. No wireless but we’re using the USB anyway.

    2. 2
      vincent Says:

      Thank you works great . I was gonna buy another printer.If I have another problem with any of my computer problems. I will look to your website first. Again Thank you for the fix

    3. 3
      Mz. Parker Says:

      This worked and I could not be happier. This was not a cheap printer (I bought it when it first came out) and do not wish to send this one to printer heaven, not yet.

      Thanks a bunch!!!

    4. 4
      IT admin Says:

      you are a freakin awesome. worked like a charm. thanks!

    5. 5
      IT admin Says:

      on a side note…

      i wish HP would just die! Die!! DIE!!! their lame trouble shooting is never any help. then they try to sell you something. talking to anyone at HP usually ends up in wanting the last 2 hours of my life back. i could have cured cancer by now…

    6. 6
      Rick Says:


      You saved me $$$ I cannot afford to spend right now. Hopefully this POS will not exhibit the other “unfixable” problems common to the product.

    7. 7
      Anonymous Says:

      Great Fix. Thank you. It works for my HP 7410 printer as described!

    8. 8
      Vince Guerrero Says:

      You are the shiznit! It worked for me!

    9. 9
      Rob Says:

      This fix worked perfectly for my HP 7410. Absolutely true that HP tried to sell me a new printer. This was a very impressive solution.

    10. 10
      John Says:

      This repair was terrific. Best Buy and HP said they could not repair it because no parts were available.
      Thanks Again

    11. 11
      aaron Says:

      worked like a charm!!!!!! thanks!!!!!

    12. 12
      Anonymous Says:

      Thanks for your help. It worked. Back on track.
      Thanks again!

    13. 13
      Marshall Craword Says:

      Thank you so much! This site it GREAT! I love the internet! 🙂

    14. 14
      Robbie Says:

      This worked! We have never used the wireless option anyway, thank you so much!

    15. 15
      Ken Says:

      Hey Lighthouse!

      This actually worked on my 7410! It was just repeating the infinite reboot for the last 2 days, and then I found your write-up and gave it a try. Instructions are perfect and I’m now able to print again (after plugging in to the wired network).

      So how did you ever figure this out? Plenty of cables and possibilities inside and who would have guessed that disabling (disconnecting) some component would get everything to work again? Does the connector go to some part of the wireless network adapter? Is the inifinite-reboot caused by the start-up procedure trying to initialize the wireless network but failing (due to failed wireless hardware?) and just re-trying infinitely? Very bad firmware design if that’s the case!


    16. 16
      Anonymous Says:

      Thanks very much. Your instructions and solution worked perfectly. Good job!
      Much appreciated. Thanks again.
      Sincerely, John

    17. 17
      Jeff Rush Says:

      Thanks! I had the same problem and decided to see if the “community” had a fix before I went the HP tech support route. So, is it basically a bad wireless board or what? What exactly went wrong?

    18. 18
      sc Says:

      thanks, it worked

    19. 19
      Sisi Hartman Says:

      This totally corrected the problem. Thanks so much for posting the fix. The only thing I would comment on is the fact that taking the small hex screws were a little difficult because of their size and getting the right tool to remove (not your normal philips head). Thanks again!

    20. 20
      moises quinteros Says:

      Good job, worked like a charm

    21. 21
      Steve Erickson Says:

      You are a star! I wasted a bunch of my time with the techs too and it is sure HP knows exactly what the problem is. Their corporate policy (software included) is a mirror of what is wrong with much of the world. Lets see, they could do the right thing and spend $25 per unit or play dumb and charge $200. Anyone for a class action movement? Thank you for your work-around and hurray for the internet!

      Comment: Yep, WHAT IS RIGHT IS OFTEN FORGOTTEN BY WHAT FILLS THE NEED OF GREED. This mentality is the reason for the poor economy, greed eventually self implodes. It’s time for America to start thinking about people, how to help people, not how to get over on them!

    22. 22
      Mike Says:

      Thanks!!! Worked perfectly, Last time I called India, I mean HP it took them 2 hours and the only thing they could do is send me a refurbished printer… reminds me of what Sony did with the PS2’s… Well thanks again!!!

    23. 23
      Chris Myers Says:

      Yep. Works just you said it would. Junk. Sad thing is that I do use the wireless interface and both my network drops are used in the room I’ve got it in. I’ll be needing a new one anyway. HP junk. You don’t always get what you pay for. Could have purchased 3 Lexmark printers for the price of this one.

      Just a thought, you might be able to hardwire it into a network interface on your router, if your router is capable of that.

    24. 24
      Sandy Says:

      Didn’t believe it would work but, like so many others, I didn’t have the $$ to replace this beloved and, up til now, no problem printer. Was SHOCKED it actually worked– thanks so much! Now if I could figure out how to ‘share’ with my laptop in the other area of the house without having to physically connect it to the printer, I’d be a truly happy camper! Thanks again! Great advice, EXCELLENT directions– much better than HP (“if these directions don’t work for a system reset, it’s a hardware problem. Sorry.”)

    25. 25
      Ed Foster Says:

      Will this work on the C6150 All-in-One? I do need the wireless connection however.

      I don’t know…..but it will DISABLE the wireless.

    26. 26
      Dave L. Says:

      BRAVO!!!!!! Even with having 13 years of printer repair I would not have figured this one out without your help. I would have paid maybe $50 for a junker printer & swapped out the main board but now I don’t have to. I believe that the wireless part of the main board goes bad & at boot up it can’t get past checking the wireless device. You possibly figured this out by using the computer diagnosis method of unplugging or removing 1 item at a time & booting up until it works or you have tried every unpluggable item. THANKS AGAIN.

    27. 27
      Bryan Says:

      Add me to the list of “it works”. Thanks!

    28. 28
      Bob Lee Says:

      You are wonderful. It worked like a charm.

    29. 29
      Heidi Says:

      hey hey~~ thanks for saving me from having to buy a new printer. YOU ROCK!!

    30. 30
      Jerry Thiessen Says:

      Procedure works great. Unfortunately, I had already upgraded to an 8500 when I found your post, so my daughter gets a great used printer out of the deal.

      Thanks so much!

    31. 31
      Tricia Says:

      I can’t believe i found this fix on the web and that so many other people had the same problem. We too called HP and the best they would do is sell us another one at $379. I can buy it cheaper myself than that and why after paying about $500 2 years ago would i do that?? In fact the next printer we buy will NOT be an HP – have had problem after problem with their wireless printers and their customer service really lacks.

    32. 32
      Frank Says:

      Thank you. This worked perfectly and I’m printing again!!

    33. 33
      Bill Says:

      Yep – Worked for me too – Thanks a ton! Saved my kid’s homework!

    34. 34
      Fabio Soto Says:

      I just got back from vacation and when I turned the 7410 it was caught in the endless invent cycle. The 7410 will not start or boot. Invent, indeed! something that works for a change. I will never buy any HP product. It is the second time that this printer has failed in two years. Laptops from them are not any better – STAY AWAY!
      Thank you for posting the workaround. The instructions were exquisite. Fabio

    35. 35
      Neil Says:

      Ive been dealing with this issue for a while now. Normally I let the printer sit for 2 days and it will finally boot, but no longer.
      Thanks for the work around. I will miss wireless, but it’s not worth buying a new printer

      Your my hero!!

    36. 36
      Steve Says:

      Man, did this save my bacon. Worked exactly as described. This is a problem with the second HP printer I’ve had to purchase through a warranty agreement and now it won’t be the third. Thank you!

    37. 37
      Debby Says:

      Unbelievable!!!!!! you rock the instructions were a piece of cake to follow.. the hardest part was finding the allen wrench to take off the screws … as stated above I spent over a half hour with HP tech support just to have them try to upgrade me for $269 not the next printer UGHHHHHHHHH.. This worked just as advertised. We were using the USB and not the wireless any way but isn’t it a pity that HP can’t get it right with the wireless and just try to sell you something else that probably won’t work so they can upgrade you…hummmm I think I see a pattern here.

    38. 38
      Elyse Says:

      You, sir, are a genius! I’ve been wrestling with this printer for months now. I eventually talked to a service tech, but of course that didn’t help. Your solution worked like a charm, though. I was a little sad about losing the wireless, but by connecting the printer directly to my wireless router via an ethernet cable, my wireless is back in business. Thanks so much! 🙂

    39. 39
      j mullins Says:

      OMG is all I can say. When I heard those sweet sounds of rebooting, I was thrilled! THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME FUNDS I DIDN’T HAVE!!!

    40. 40
      Cristy Says:

      Thank you so much! I was so bummed that ours was broken because I knew we would not be able to upgrade and I use the printer all of the time for my homeschool curriculum. I really aprreciate you taking the time to put this on the internet. Seriously. I am VERY grateful! God bless you!

    41. 41
      Ron Says:

      Worked great! The center where I work had 3 of these units with this problem, the fix saved us many $$$. Thanks

    42. 42
      Leo Says:

      Thanks so much, it worked perfectly, this problem was so frustrating and your fix was just great!!!! You are amazing! Really appreciate the help.

    43. 43
      John Says:

      Great advice….wonder if the wireless card fries out and causes this…HP hear this….I will not buy another HP product again. This fix was so easy, if you’d just fess up and tell your clients the truth, they’d still be clients. When I kick this puppy to the curb and my HP PC, no more HP. Thanks lighthouse…you should open a business!!

    44. 44
      edward Says:

      Sounds weird but it worked for me. Thank you for publishing this without users having to pay.

    45. 45
      Tom Says:

      I joined this unfortunate group of HP 7410 owners on January 2. These instructions allowed me to get my printer back up and running.

      I have since obtained a used wireless board and main motherboard for the HP 7410. I replaced the parts one at a time. What fixed the printer was the main motherboard. Apparently the interface circuitry for the wireless board had failed.

      For those who need to get wireless capability back, here is a little trick I use to give wireless capability to ethernet ready devices that do not have wireless. I use a Linksys Wireless Access Point or a Linksys Wireless Ethernet Bridge. I configured the wireless settings to communicate to the wireless communications on my router. I set the Default Gateway to my routers network address, set the Subnet Mask to that of my network, and gave the device a unique IP Address that would not conflict with any other device on my network. Afterwards I plugged this into the printers Ethernet port and then had instant wireless communications without any device drivers being needed. I have used this on Internet ready Televisions, Laptops, Blu-ray Players, HP 6940 Printers and Directv Satellite Receivers without any problems what so ever. Like the HP Printers these Linksys devices have built in web setup pages which are generally easier to use than the setup software CD’s that come with them. Good Luck!

    46. 46
      John Says:

      This is 1/12/10 and the above instructions WORK PPERFECTLY!!!! My printer has been in that cycle mode for ages….and when I just re-connected (right when it looked like the problem was still there) about 45 seconds into it the cycling stops.


      And if you are one of those people that just think “YOUR” situatio may be different….rather than wasting an hour of your life…..just walk through my call below. Because that is exactly the same call that will take you an hour….that you can do in 2 minutes.

      Then forget about “wireless” and get your printer back up and running. Thanks Lighthouse, pretty ingenious of you! And certainly thanks for sharing.


      Jessica : I understand that you are experiencing issues with your HP Officejet 7410 All-in-One printer with Windows Vista computer. Am I correct?

      John : yes please. Screen is currently on and just continues to re-cycle. It does nothing else

      Jessica : Let us isolate and find the solution.

      Jessica : Is the power of the All-in-One connected to any surge protector right now?

      Jessica : Please disconnect the power of the All-in-One from surge protector and connect it direct to wall outlet.

      Jessica : Now, perform the steps given below:

      1. Unplug the power supply from the wall outlet.
      2. Unplug the power supply from the back of the printer.
      3. Wait at least 20 seconds, then plug in the supply back into the wall outlet.
      4. Plug in the power supply back into the printer.
      5. Press the power button to turn the printer on.

      Jessica : Please let me know if you have any difficulties in performing the steps

      John: done. when I plug in the power supply the printer automatically turns that screen on and starts to recycle. There is no need to push “power.” And even though I did, it didn’t do anything else other than continue reclycling. i performed your instructions twice to see i I would get a different outcomes! same reslt

      Jessica : Does the display on the All-in-One shows HP LOgo?

      John: yes. Its an HP. The word “invent” and the recycle bar starts left to right

      Jessica : Now, remove both the cartridges from the All-in-One.

      Jessica : Now, with out reinserting the cartridges in the All-in-One, close the cartridge access door open on the All-in-One.

      Jessica : Then Turn Off and Turn On the All-in-One.

      Jessica : Once done, let me know the message displayed on it.

      John: the moment i plug the power supply in the back of the printer – that scree instantly turnsback on and shows HP logo, invent, and the processing wave from left to right. The wave runs 3 times. Then freezes in the middle during its 4th ru. Then the printer thinks for about 3 seconds. The screen goes dark, and then it pops right back to the original sceen to rn through the above items again

      Jessica : Here I suspect the issue may be with the Internal Hardware malfunction on the All-in-One.

      Jessica : I would like to provide you the reset steps to reset the All-in-One to factory default settings

      Jessica : A semi-full reset will do the following:
      The user settings to the factory defaults, Language and country settings on some models, Fax logs, Fax headers, Fax speed dial information.

      Jessica : Shall I provide you the Semi-full reset steps?

      Jessica : Reset the All-in-One to the factory default settings by using these instructions:

      1. Unplug the power cable from printer when the printer is powered on and wait for 20 seconds.
      2. Then, press and hold # and 6 while plugging in the power cord.

      Continue holding until it displays Semi Full Reset message in the front panel of the All-in-One.

      Jessica : Is the issue still persists?

      John: meaning the screen stays right at that same screen again the moment it gets plugged back in….but i”m doing it one mre time

      John: prblem still persists

      Jessica : John, I regret to inform you that HP Officejet 7410 All-in-One appears to be Out of warranty.

      Jessica : Shall I provide you the best available options at this point?

      John: sure

      Jessica : At this point you can avail upgrade options from HP in which you can exchange the defective printer with higher and advanced All-in-One model and will also get 1 year warranty on the upgraded All-in-One.

      John: before I do anything, should i put the cartridges back in, turn the white wheel all the way to the left, and ut the blue cap back on

      Jessica : No need John.

      Jessica : The best upgrade option is HP Officejet Pro 8500 Premier All-in-One @ $299.99 with in next bussiness Day Shipment.

      Jessica : The Original Cost of the HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One is $ 499.99

    47. 47
      SFC Sawyer Says:

      Worked great. Thanks for the clear instructions on how to get to the wire. I was really getting fustrated. Wasnt using the wireless anyway. Thanks Again

    48. 48
      Jc Says:

      AWESOME, solution work, forget that P.O.S with the wireless…THANKS

    49. 49
      adam Says:

      You just saved me big time!  Thank you so much for this info.  Took me a total of 5 minutes to do once I found this site.

    50. 50
      Mo Says:

      1/31/2010 and these instructions worked like a charm.  Thanks for saving me the heartache of endless troubleshooting and $$$ for a new printer.

    51. 51
      Paul Says:

      Sheer Genius. Took ten minutes. Saved me hours of frustration with HP. Just plugged into my Router and it worked like a dream wirelessly trough the router. What a sham that they charged extra for a wirless card that goes bad! ==== Thanks Lighthouse!!!!

    52. 52
      BobbyD Says:

      Wow, easy fix, works great! Thank you!

    53. 53
      Joseph Says:

      I recieved this printer from a friend. It looks brand new. I tried this solution and the printer is working fine! Thanks for the information.

    54. 54
      Paul Anderson Says:

      Thanks for the fix. Works like a charm.

    55. 55
      Richard Says:

      although our 7410 is slightly different then described, we were able to  identify and disconnect the black bundled cable and we are now connected and printing.  Thanks very much – saved us from contributing more money to HP.
       Twenty minute fix.  Great!

    56. 56
      Steve Says:


      Worked a treat.

      Makes you woonder whether this is a ‘programmed’ failure in order to encourage printer upgrades

    57. 57
      DJ Says:

      I cannot be more grateful for this help. It was quick and got right to the issue…… Thanks sooooo Much.

    58. 58
      nick Says:

      I wish I had read this before I went out and bought a new C4780. Which Incidently didnt work in scanner mode with Windows XP so I had to revert to scanning in paint. I used your fix for my 7410 and it worked, thank you as I dont need to throw the thing away or buy a new mother board now. I gave the C4780 to my wife who operates Windows 7.

    59. 59
      Roger Says:

      I encountered this problem yesterday, tried all sorts of reset solutions, to no avail.  So spent yesterday evening researching replacements.  But, as a last resort before buying, I looked for other solutions on the internet and found this one.  And – marvellous.  It worked and I now have an operational 7410 again.  I don't use wireless, so if I've lost it, I wouldn't even know (although the wireless light is still lit on the unit).  So, thank you for this perfect solution.

    60. 60
      Rob Says:

      Worked great.  Can't thank you enough for going to the trouble of posting this. 

    61. 61
      Jayme Says:

      Thank you soooo much.  It worked great and no problem to do.  Thanks again…HP tried to tell me I'd have to buy a new printer!!!

    62. 62
      Ben Says:

      You are my hero! Worked great took two minutes.

    63. 63
      tom B Says:

      It works like a charm.  Thank you so much.  Please email me if you ever have a website. 

    64. 64
      Sylvie Says:

      Oh my goodness,  you are AWESOME!!!  I could not figure out what was going on with my printer for weeks and finally a solution that was clear and straight to the point.  I thank you so very much for your help.

    65. 65
      mike Says:

      lighthouse thanks so much for the post worked great.

    66. 66
      Phaedra Says:

      THank you so much. Unhooking the wireless wire made my printer work again. Thank you soooo much!

    67. 67
      Eric Says:

      I've had the same problem as described. Solved brilliantly by the workaround described which restores the printer function minus the wireless capability. Not good HP – especially if its a code bug

    68. 68
      Don Says:

      Didn't work…….been 5 minutes. still displays 00000020. Guess I'll pitch it. Dam shame, it was a pretty good copier. Thinking about buying a Kodak.

    69. 69
      Mark Says:

      Thank You!  Worked like a charm!!! You are the Best!

    70. 70
      Mike Says:

      Saved me $34.95 that HP wanted to charge me to fix over phone!  You are the bomb! YES!

    71. 71
      Joel Says:

      Fixed in less than 2 minutes!

    72. 72
      Pat Says:

      I was using my 7410 on wireless only and it started today with the same symptoms as others above. Your fix solved the problem, but now my wife can't use my printer on our wireless LAN in the house. Oh well, I guess I'll eventually have to purchase another wireless printer. NOT HP! ! ! ! ! Thanks very much for the well presented information.

      NOTE: you could network her computer through your computer or possibly through your router?

    73. 73
      Martin Rodriguez Says:

      Thanks for a great post with simple and accurate instructions.  It took all of 5 minutes and the printer is working again.  Obviously this is an HP defect, they should have to replace all of our printers this is ridiculous..  I need the wireless feature, but at least I'm working for now.. 
      Thanks again.

    74. 74
      Paul Says:

      Hi – That fix worked brilliantly – thank you very much! I thought I was going to have to buy a new printer!
      Best wishes,

    75. 75
      Theo Says:

      Hi Lighthouse,
      thank you very much for this workaround! it is easy, and a great fix.
      I am dissatisfied with the quality of this printer. HP used to be a reliable electronics manufacturer, this is garbage, considering the 450 Euro cost…..
      By the time I run out of print cartridges, it may be time to throw the thing out, buy a more reliable printer/scanner.
      Anyway, thanks again!

    76. 76
      Karlton Says:

      THANKS! That got the printer to work!

    77. 77
      Ken Says:

      Geeeez what if we didn't have the internet and people like you! We'd all just be stuck on stupid!   Thanks lighthouse, I appreciate you at least giving us a bandaid.  Sucks that I'm loosing the wireless feature for which I paid extra but at least we can print!

    78. 78
      Ray Says:

      Same problem, printer died while scanning docs. Scan worked fine, last sheet jammed and the HP7410 self-lobotomized into start-up mode.  Opened back, pulled designated plug and back in service. Wow.
      Thanks for the great effort on provinding a solution!.

    79. 79
      Misty Says:

      I feel like I just won the lottery! Well, at least a high dollar scratcher. I had to spend $3.97 at Wal-Mart tonight at 10:45 pm for the 6 star bit to remove the "mind-f'ing" screws….but it saved me $50 on ordering a new power cord which wouldn't have fixed the problem. WOW! Anyone reading this PLEASE follow…it was so easy and it worked perfectly! THANK YOU CALLITOUT!

    80. 80
      BURK Says:

      Wow! Worked perfectly. You need the needle nose pliers and the correct screw driver for the two screws, I didn't have the screw driver (star) but was able to use a small knife point.
      It took less than 10 minutes!
      Thank you.

    81. 81
      BURK Says:

      Worked perfectly in less than 10 minutes!!
      You need the needle nose pliers and a star screw driver.

    82. 82
      Judy Says:

      Did the job after just 5 minutes.  Followed your instructions and am so thankful for your help.  Tried HP support, then went to the forum and found your link.  Again, Thanks

    83. 83
      Mike R Says:

      This was Great !…..It worked..At least the printer can be used after spending $85 for new print cartridges…Thank You

    84. 84
      Brenda Says:

      You're a life saver!  We were all ready to go out and buy a new printer, but with your wonderfully detailed instructions, we did your fix (which only took 5 minutes) and the printer is back to working like a champ.

    85. 85
      Brenda Says:

      You're a life saver!  With your wonderfully detailed instructions (which only took 5 minutes to perform), our printer is back to working like a champ!

    86. 86
      Yesh Says:

      It totally worked . Awesome man.

    87. 87
      Mark Says:

      This worked like a charm for me, which is great cause I still had a bunch of ink for this thing from costco, The big packs…So I'm happy to use $300 worth of ink before I decide if I should purchase another printer so I can get the Wireless Functionality again!  Thanks to you… and no thanks to HP as I searched the same terms on their site first trying to find a fix to no avail!  After purchasing the duplexor on top of the $500 wireless printer I am upset that I will back to square one after this ink is gone.  HP won't get my money next time!

    88. 88
      Tony Says:

      Thank you for your kind instructions!
      I never could get the wireless to work reliably so this change was just fine with me.

    89. 89
      Jack Says:

      Fantastic, printer now works.  Took less than 5 minutes to go through your routine, then printer fired up in 2 minutes.  And to think I have been battling this problem for over a year, although it would boot up in time.  This time house electric went out and then printer would NOT boot up.
      Thank you very much.

    90. 90
      Winslow Says:

      Remarkable!  About as easy and straight forward a fix as there could be. The once worthless and about to become recycled junk of an HP 7410 now works. And I weigh-in in total agreement that HP is putting out unreliable products.  They should be ashamed (and Carly Fiorina is largely to blame – Barbara Boxer's hair is nothing compared to her hubris).  It has been a nightmare trying to find a solution via HP support. This is obviously a problem, yet they will not/cannot post the fix?  Many thanks to Bob Headrick for sending me here, and to you, Lighthouse, for solving the problem!  

    91. 91
      Boo Says:

      This worked perfectly, thank you so much! 🙂

    92. 92
      Randy Says:

      Wow! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

      btw,  the screws are a Torx T10, screw tips or screw drivers are readily available at Sears, Home Depot and Lowes.


    93. 93
      Lynne Says:

      Thank you do much.  In 5 minutes  I had the printer working again. Your instructions were direct , simple and effective. I had no idea so many people are having the same problem.  I am grateful for your help.

    94. 94
      Lez (UK) Says:

      I can not thank you enough, its people like you that spend the time in documenting proceedures like this save others time & money, most people dont have the inclination to spend the time sharing this brilliant quick fix.

    95. 95
      Mark Says:

      Thank you very much for the help and assistance, it took me longer to get my tools out than it did to fix the problem.

      Great solution and easy fix, TYVM for a $300 plus replacement solution!!

    96. 96
      Kevin Says:

      awesome fix btw. worked a treat

    97. 97
      B. J. Says:

      Thanks for the great instructions to get the printer operational.  Piece of Cake!  From all the comments it seems that HP has some serious problems with these units.  This one was given to me by my wife's office.  They couldn't get it to work so they bought a new one. I noticed that the unit they gave me had a reconditioned sticker on the back.  They purchased it as a new unit.  Shame on the Retailer.  Reminds me that we should ALWAYS check purchased peripherals before we leave the store or have a statement form the seller that the unit is new, used or reconditioned.

    98. 98
      Don Says:

      It worked great, and saved me the $100-$250 it would have cost to get a new printer.   I found that printing with wireless was SO much slower than USB, so I don't miss the wireless.

    99. 99
      Josh Says:

      Could not have been easier!!!  Thank You!!!

    100. 100
      Meredith Says:

      Fantastic!!!  This worked like a charm!  My only challenge was getting the little screw out, but used needle-nosed pliers.  Than you again!

    101. 101
      Jen Says:

      It worked!! Thank you for the helpful info! I was ready to give up on the thing.  I didn't really use the wireless function, so I was relieved to see it come back to life… so were my kids.  Thanks again!!!

    102. 102
      SteveM Says:

      Many Thanks…   Worked as Advertised for me…  I Pulled the First plug out first to make it much easyer to get at the second using only a small slotted  screwdriver…

    103. 103
      Rick Paulsen Says:

      Easy to do! Great directions. Thanks to the angel!

    104. 104
      steve Says:

      It's easy and it works! Thanks for the help.

    105. 105
      Theresa Says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!  I can't tell you how happy I am!  I've had my 7410 since 2003 and it died on Monday after the requisite power outage.  Bob Hedrick posted the link to your page so I could fix my beloved printer.  The replacement 8500s aren't anywhere as good as this one is and I'm so very grateful for the help.
      BTW, a 5/64th allen wrench fits into the star screws perfectly. 
      Thanks again, I'm smiling from ear-to-ear.  This printer is a workshorse.
      Theresa Griffin

    106. 106
      John Says:

      I had the same problem with my 7410 in that it would not boot up. I used the instructions above and located the cable as shown and disconnected it. I then reconnected the parts removed and powered up the printer and the 7410 ran completely through the boot cycle and I am now able to print. Great instructions, and thanks for the help.

    107. 107
      Scott Says:

      You the man…..a million thanks.  Less than 5 minutes and it's back working.  Great advice.

    108. 108
      Rich Says:

      Well done!  Simple, easy, workaround.
      Thank you! 

    109. 109
      Scott Says:

      This just happened to my HP 7410 this morning & after doing some reading on the net I found this Fix & IT WORKED GREAT !!!!.
       The two screws take a T10 Screw Driver to remove, witch you can go to any hardware store and get cheap….Thanks Again

    110. 110
      Cael Says:

      Thank you so much! We have an HP 7140 as our fax/scan/color printer here in our office and were dreading buying a new one of having to send it out for service. In this economy we have worked hard to save every dollar. I found this solution through a Google search ("hp 7410 will not boot") and it was an easy fix! I did note that the tiny screws on the back of the unit are Torx T9 heads not standard or phillips.
      Lighthouse, who ever you are, you rock!

    111. 111
      Sam Says:

      Its a great post. Thank you. My printer working once more 🙂

    112. 112
      Roshan Says:

      Thank you so much.
      I did as per instruction and it boot up right away!! I will go with USB. No problem. IT should work rather than throwing away expensive stuff. Thanks again.

    113. 113
      shannon Says:

      Take all of the previous thank yous and add them up. Thats how much I thank you.

    114. 114
      Joe Says:

      You are my personal hero.  This printer has been frozen for 2 months and I couldn't find a solution.  Somehow I stumbled on yours and I am thrilled to say that I just printed everything that was stuck in my queue.  Well done! 

    115. 115
      Debbie Says:

      After talking with HP support, I was extremely angry to learn this printer could not be fixed and offered me $50 on a new one.  I thought surely others have suffered the same problem and I began my search….thank you, thank you it worked perfect.  The hardest part was getting the screws out because they had been put in crooked. Thanks again.

    116. 116
      Carl Says:

      KUDOS  – Excellent tip – Fixed in less than 5 minuters. Thanks , no Many Thanks!

    117. 117
      Carl Says:

      KUDOS – Excellent Tip. Had it back running in 5 Minutes. Thanks!

    118. 118
      The Rob Says:

      A legend is born………  PS HP Printer now on a UPS for short blackouts and infamous brownouts.

    119. 119
      Reinier Says:

      you are the best! thanks a lot!! is working fine again! the dead is comming back to life! thanks!!

    120. 120
      Will Says:

      Worked like a charm…

    121. 121
      Aubrey Says:

      Thank you for the advice…I could not figure out how to salvage this printer before I read your blog.  It was working in less than 2 minutes

    122. 122
      Roberto Says:

      Works to a T.. now who is the genius that can suggest how to get the wirelss back up??  I will try DL the latest firmware and updates now that it is working and thne replug the wireless card and see what happens..  Update you w my findings later! 

    123. 123
      Tammy Stephens Says:

      It worked! Thanks.

    124. 124
      Raul Says:

      Thanks for the easy and pinpoint instructions. Worked excellently. I am very grateful. Thank you once again. from London. UK.

    125. 125
      msk Says:

      Worked like a charm. Running in 5 minutes

    126. 126
      keisha Says:

      I was so discouraged at first as it did not work for me. So I plugged the wireless plug back in. Then I saw the comments and saw that  it worked for everyone else. So I tried again and I went and unplugged the wireless plug again. I also did a full reset by unplugging the power chord from the wall and printer and pressing # and 9 until it came back on and continued holding # and 9 until I saw the Full reset.  That alone did not get it working again.  So I Then I retried rebooting the printer every 10 minutes. It did not work until after 30 minutes. But IT WORKED. So if this solution doesn't work for you after 5, 10 or 20 minutes keep trying every ten minutes or just let it sit for 30 minutes and retry. 
      THANK YOU SO MUCH! There is no way I could have figured out how to fix this with out this instruction. God Bless!

    127. 127
      Keisha Says:

      Also, I want to let you know this solution is not only if the computer is stuck in the hp invent scrolling by. My printer would show the hp invent scroll bar then the screen would go completely black. Unplugging the wireless capabilities also worked and fixed it. Just to let you know the blue wireless icon will still light up, don't mind it.  THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

    128. 128
      Rich Says:

      LOL!!!  Thanks, you saved a $150.00 service call!

    129. 129
      Gio Says:

      Awesome! Worked great! Thanks for taking the time to post this.

    130. 130
      Steve Bush Says:

      You, sir, are awesome.  I'm live again.

    131. 131
      lee Says:

      Thanks works perfectly now  … I got my HP Officejet 7410 printer from my boss I dont think he was expecting me to fix it (thanks to your brilliant guide you have made it possible).
      now with the wireless not working i have simply plugged in a bluetooth dongle to the front of the printer & print via bluetooth from my phone / pc & laptop.
      + i also have the option through my router so made no difference with the printer not being wifi.
      Thanks again

    132. 132
      Jeff Says:

      I was planning to buy a new printer until I found this blog.  Thank you!

    133. 133
      Tony Says:

      Excellent post…precise and with pics…worked like a charm..much appreciated!

    134. 134
      Jack Says:

      Your fix worked great !!!

    135. 135
      Danielle Says:

      Worked great!  Super easy…all of 2 minutes!  Connected to wireless router via ethernet cord…still wireless to the computer.  All problems solved!  No need to buy a new printer!  

    136. 136
      AYSGUY Says:


    137. 137
      Chris Says:

      C'est Génial mais absolument HONTEUX de la part d'HP !!!!

    138. 138
      Dan Says:

      I wish you great technology blessings for evermore.  I am inspired to pay it forward because of you taking the time to easily illustrate the solution.  I am so dissappointed in HP. 
      When I press the power button, I still get the 0000020 error, but holding Cancel and Power, reset the printer and after removing the cable, I can now print again.
      Thank you!

    139. 139
      Michael Says:

      Thank God there are people like you who take the time to post solutions, WITH PICTURES, like this.   This is the second time my printer went into the endless booting mode.  The first time it booted up after 3 days of waiting.  This is a business printer and our only fax machine so I couldn't wait three days for the thing to start working again.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  It worked perfectly.

    140. 140
      Mark Says:

      This worked an absolutely great!! Took me longer to find the star screwdriver!! Although it then cost £60 in new cartridges as the old ones had seized up through the printer being out of action for a while 🙂 Thanks for the post!

    141. 141
      lonestar Says:

      Sure Cool!
      Instruction was simple and the printer booted in less than 2 mins.

    142. 142
      Stephen Says:

      This worked just as stated. Other so called solutions "out there" were a waste of time. If I simply followed these instructions with belief it would have taken only 5 minutes.
      Thanks!  Now I can return the other manufacturer's printer (unopened) I bought to replace this HP one.

    143. 143
      Jaideep Says:

      Works perfectly. Thanks a ton!

    144. 144
      Keith Says:

      Thank you so much for the solution to this problem. Took 20 minutes to find the right tool and two minutes to fix. Wish I had found your website two days ago. Interestingly I have never used the wireless connection as my computer has always been hardwired.

    145. 145
      David Says:

      Unbelievable.  I am so tempted to see if reattaching clears whatever the printer was looking for aimlessly but I just don't care.  Thanks for helping me put off the pain of buying a new printer and suffering through all the driver bugs of whatever I end up purchasing.  They're all junk. 

    146. 146
      Kourtney Says:

      Thanks so much!!!  It took all of 5 minutes and it fixed my printer.  I appreciate your help.

    147. 147
      Lonnie Says:

      Thank you so much!!!
      Your instructions were great and once I found the correct torx tool to get the screws out then everything was a breeze and it seems that everything is working well…Thank you again!

    148. 148
      William Says:

      Fixed it on the 1st shot.  Thanks for the work around.  Just ashame the wireless will not work on it now. 

    149. 149
      Alister Says:

      Worked like a charm….HP should be ashamed of themselves. They should also recall the board since it destroys a marketed functionality (wireless). Has anyone pointed them to this or similar document on the fix? They wouldn't even dare to charge someone, as I think this could become a class suit no?

    150. 150
      Lee Says:

      The hardest part was getting the screws off – you need a special screwdriver (the Craftsman Torx T10 worked for me).  After that, this fix worked exactly as described.  Thank you so much for posting this!

    151. 151
      Pat Says:

      Man you are the best. I had come to the conclusion that my printer was broken for good and had been on the internet for the last two days looking for a new one. But I liked my old printer and I finally decided to google it to see if I could find a new one like it to buy. I couldn't believe new ones are still from $500 to nearly $600. Then I came across your website and it wasn't very long before my computer was purring right along (The hardest part was finding the right screwdriver tip that would fit the screws).
      Thanks very much,

    152. 152
      hans Says:

      the fix you described solved my problem and got me printing again!!!!  thank you so much. this was a very expensive printer, new models now with the same capabilities are less expensive but who wants to pay out money needlessly. i am severly disappointed in the hp support for this product and it's obvious design flaw

    153. 153
      Robert Says:

      Chaulk another victory for this procedure – worked great. 
      Thanks for saving me from the $200 HP "we'll send you another piece of HP junk to use in place of your current broken piece of HP junk" program.  Not like I was actually going buy another HP product anyway…

    154. 154
      Chris Says:

      Wow thanks so much.  Your fix was fast easy and it worked.  I tied every reset and tip I could find but this fixed it and it took longer to pint the instructions out than to fix the printer.

    155. 155
      mitch Says:

      THANK YOU!!!! You just saved me a heck of a lot of money!!! Thank you!!

    156. 156
      Johnny Says:

      It worked great and we are back and running. Thanks the most important thing we use it for is the fax so it also saved us a lot of money. Thanks again….

    157. 157
      Doug Says:

      Your solution worked perfectly for me. My printer required the use of a special screwdriver head to remove the backplate. Thank You Very Much!!

    158. 158
      Pedra_D_Lume Says:

      Great stuff! I’ve done this and that saved me a huge amount of money! Thanks a lot! I lost wireless…Who cares?!?! Shame on HP! This problem obviously should be solved, free of charge, from HP! There too many people with the same problem! We didn’t do nothing to harm the equipment! It clearly has a flaw! So HP wants to be ecological…why they don’t assure that their products works for a long time…less garbage…less ecological footprint…all they want is to sell another printer…probably with another flaw! I’m sure that lots of OfficeJet 7140 went to garbage when they shouldn’t! Hey, sorry for all this negative text! I’m happy…my printer is working! Thanks a lot again and again!

    159. 159
      Raj Says:

      Hi Buddy, Great job. the printer works absolutely fine, but the wireless on the printer has stopped working. Any reason??

    160. 160
      Casey Says:

      Honestly I cannot believe it! I am not the type of person to even make a comment, but I am so impressed that your solution worked. My printer stopped working about a year ago and at the time I spent many hours on the phone with HP and every tech savvy person I knew trying to avoid purchasing a new printer—the results were nil. Finally after a move and many months away from a job that required printing daily I decided to try and find a solution one more time. I am so happy that I found your page and you just saved me a few hundred bucks for the time being! I even had a couple of back-up printer cartriges that I held onto in hopes of this thing working again someday! Thank you so much!

    161. 161
      KCar Says:

      AWESOME. This worked out perfectly. Thanks for the tip.

    162. 162
      Milan Says:

      It won’t work for me, ,my printer displays only HP logo all the time….
      is there a reset for this?

    163. 163
      Gaz Says:

      the fix you described solved my problem and got me printing again!!!! thank you so much. this was a very expensive printer and for man without a job is a big save. Thank you for your knowledge and ssupport to this web site.

    164. 164
      flowerpowergirl Says:

      Awesome dude!!! 🙂 It cost me £5.28 for the screwdriver thatisall! hehehehe Thanks a lot!

    165. 165
      Cashis Says:

      I bought this HP 7410xi printer in a computer boneyard
      for $10 USD. This fix makes the purchase that much more
      sweeter!! It was turned in because of this problem…
      can’t say thanks enough!!

    166. 166
      Dean Says:

      Add me to the many satisfied customer list! I remember these all-in-one’s were near the $1k price
      point when they first came out. I used to use the usb method. Only recently did I enable the WiFi
      printing on new Toshiba laptop. Lasted a few more months, then never re-booted in the end. Early on
      it would take hours, then it’d boot. Then I found your blog/ site. Thanks!

    167. 167
      glenn Says:

      Life saver the printer went out right when I needed it. The fix works exactly as he describes. THANK YOU

    168. 168
      Boris Says:

      Great fix. Shame on HP

    169. 169
      Joanna Says:

      Hey you rock! Thanks a lot. For those who have trouble opening the screws: I used an allen wrench. (a simple L shaped hexagonal in cross section).

    170. 170
      ben Says:

      Thanks so much…..saved me so much money. Still works.

    171. 171
      ChrisN Says:

      Thank you for posting this solution 🙂

      The only problem I had was getting the 2 screws out as a very small Torx screw driver should be used. I managed to grip the screw heads witha pair of pliers.

      Thanks again. Solved the problem 🙂

    172. 172
      Mario Says:

      Amazing trick!!! Some people were going to throw this printer away. I took it from them and googled this. Thank you my office really needed a printer! lol

    173. 173
      Mark Says:

      Thanks So So SO much. I like the 7410 and I really appreciate your help. Just like veryone else here I was in the same leaking boat.

      Many thanks Agsain

    174. 174
      Andy Says:

      nice going, this fix still works. thanks

    175. 175
      Brian Says:

      Pure genius! So quick, so easy. My printer started
      in less than a minute.
      Thank you very, very much!
      I am curious though, what was the thingamajy-whatsit
      that I disconnected?
      Thank you once again.
      Especially since HP disclaimed any offer of help at all.


    176. 176
      chris Says:

      You bloody rock, thank you

    177. 177
      Tom Says:

      You are worth your weight in gold!!! It worked like a
      charm, and the directions, with pictures, were extremely
      helpful. It not only saved money, but a trip to the
      repair shop, and at least a weeks downtime, unable to print.

      thanks again,

    178. 178
      Doc Says:

      Many thanks Lighthouse…
      HP acts just like the government, they think that there is no end to the crap that we will put up with. After spending the kind of money this printer costs the average person they should ship everyone one of there rebuilt models since just about every one of these units fails the same way at some point. Of course you can have them repair it outside of warrenty or do what most do and that is buy another computer. Sooner or later they are going to run out of customers.

      There was company that 30 years ago sent out new parts for a stereo that I owned because they knew that the driver boards would fail. They replaced the boards free of charge at an authorized repair center for NOTHING! SANSUI replaced the driver boards on my stereo for free BEFORE THEY FAILED!

      Some years later the government stopped the sale of all Sansui products in this country.

    179. 179
      Ken Says:

      Thank you so very much. Followed your directions and it booted right up. Not that it makes any difference but do you know what that wire group was supposed to do? Like I said, doesnt make any difference so thank you again.

    180. 180

      Just found your response after all this time, tried it and
      it worked, thanks!

    181. 181
      amazed Says:

      I can’t believe this worked…no joke my dad’s printer was
      out of service with that crappy reloading screen…he had
      accrued up to 29 packages of ink over the years and
      didn’t want to get rid of the printer…I found this
      page…was skeptical at first…unplugged the wire with
      some needlenose pliars…turned it on…said holy shit its
      printing again!…THANKS lighthouse! KUDOS!

    182. 182
      Frank Says:

      Worked for me today! Thanks!

    183. 183
      Rada Says:

      I took mine to a service, after 3 weeks they gave up without any result. Before I throw the printer to the junkyard I tried Your idea and it worked fine in a minute. You saved me a fortune…Thanks

    184. 184
      Mark Says:

      Thank you! It worked for me! I really appreciate your post!

    185. 185
      Kojac Says:

      Worked perfectly, Thanks

    186. 186
      JxB Says:

      This fix works!!! I’ve been struggling with this problem for a year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    187. 187
      christopher Says:

      Very helpful post…thanks so much for the assistance

    188. 188
      Scott Says:

      It worked. Thank you very much for the detailed procedure.

    189. 189
      Daniel Says:

      Thank you! We just bought on of these from a school auction for $5 because they thought it was broken! Saved us a lot!

    190. 190
      Propaangas Says:

      So kewl. Can’t believe it worked, but it does. Great job! Thanks a zillion!

    191. 191
      Melonie Says:

      Well…I did the procedure and it started resetting. I was SO excited for a minute…then I got a message that says “remove and check cartridge on right”. Now I can’t get THAT off the screen. Any ideas?

      RESPONSE: See the second post down, it may be helpful.

    192. 192
      Corey Says:

      This is simply amazing, you have saved me so much money. Thank you beyond words because I had tried everything and this was the remedy.

    193. 193
      James Says:

      THANKS A MILLION!!!! I have this same printer at my home and office and the one at home has been down for almost a year. Saw this online before, but never got around to taking it a loose and completing the task. Long over due and it worked like a charm.

    194. 194
      George Says:

      I was skeptical but had nothing to loose. My dad needed a fax/printer/copier and this was being used as a door stop so I gave the instructions a try and what do ya know…after two years I have it working again! Thank you genius!

    195. 195
      Larry Says:

      This worked for me just fine!!!! You gotta love it! I am a Realtor and I needed to scan a contract to make a huge commission! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

      RESPONSE: So do we get a commission too then?

    196. 196
      Nic Says:

      how on earth did you find this fix, it is brilliant and so easy and quick to implement. Makes you think doesn’t it. Are we just the pawns at the behest of the big players. Well done and thank you …..

    197. 197
      Kate Says:

      Worked like a charm! Thanks so much!

    198. 198
      Fernando Says:

      Well, what you know. Something in that wireless portion is causing a short. Thanks it took me 3 minutes and save me from buying another printer. You are the man

    199. 199
      Roland Says:

      Amazing! Just what the Doctor ordered. Thanks a bunch!

    200. 200
      Kasiius Says:

      Amazing, this worked for me too!!!

    201. 201
      CHARLES Says:

      MANY THANKS, as it worked quick and easy!

    202. 202
      Zack Says:

      Appreciate to great and smart people. Zack

    203. 203
      Julie Says:

      thanks! Worked

    204. 204
      Steve Says:

      Your the man……………….Thanks.

    205. 205
      Judy Says:

      Thank you, thank you, 5 days of frustration have been fixed!!!
      Like HP printers, hate the lack of support.

    206. 206
      MYT Says:

      One day, after turning off the machine, it would not turn back on. I kept getting the reboot screen. I did a search and found your post and tried it. I was happily able to get the printer working again after removing the wireless cable. It’s a shame because I just started to the use the wireless printing capability a few months ago. This fix saved me from shelling out money for another printer. I have had bad luck with HP printer and the next one I buy, will not be an HP. Thanks for posting the fix, you have helped tons of frustrated folks!

    207. 207
      Joe Says:

      Wow! What an amazing fix!!!Thanks so much!!!!!!

    208. 208
      John Says:

      Thanks! You are a saint (at least in our book).

    209. 209
      Brian Says:

      Thank you for your post. The pictures were a great help. This fix saved my client from buying a new machine. Great post. Brian

    210. 210
      Jose Says:

      Thanks a lot! I wish you all the best in your life!

    211. 211
      Debi Says:

      Thank you so much for this tip!! My printer is now working. Actually, if you follow this process, then after you’ve plugged the printer back in & it goes thru the entire boot up process, if you plug the small connector head back in, your wireless will work also. I tried it & now my printer is working A-OK.

    212. 212
      Happy Camper Says:

      Thank you! It worked. Great job!

    213. 213
      Grant Says:

      Worked for me, too! I got the wireles to work by unplugging, going into setup and turning off wireless, then turn off, plug back in, boots OK, turn wireless back on, and connect – unfortunately, next time I powered down/up, went into boot loop again.

    214. 214
      Marc Says:

      Fantastic solution! You need a special tool for the screws
      because they are not a standard fit. I used my security
      screwbits set to do so. Thanks for making this solution
      available to us.

    215. 215
      Jimmy Says:

      You are the man! that is the only solution that worked for me. I am very grateful for the time you spent in explaining and clarifying with images the procedure. Cheers to you. Kindly,


    216. 216
      michael Says:

      Worked perfectly, thank you very much.

    217. 217
      Eric Says:

      This worked. Thank you so much. I wish there were more people like you so there would be far less e-waste in the world.

    218. 218
      Russell Says:

      Thanks very much. It worked for me and since I don’t need the wireless feature I am leaving it disconnected.

      BTW, I tried to make a donation but I got an error message from PayPal after clicking on the Donation button.

    219. 219
      Laurie Says:

      Thanks for the great tip. It looked like it was going
      to work but now I have error message on the screen that
      says “Remove and check cartridge on right”. I have
      checked and re-checked both cartridges dozens of times. I
      even tried cleaning them as per HP’s instructions but I
      can’t get rid of the message. The black cartridge which
      is on the right is only about 3 months old and has printed
      perhaps 15 pages. The color cartridge which is only
      the left is only a few days old and has printed one page.
      I hate to have to throw out the printer, especially with
      two new cartridges in it. Has anyone had this problem
      and were you able to fix it?

      COMMENT: Sounds like you may have a defective cartridge, are your cartridges generic?

    220. 220
      niko Says:

      thanks man u saved the week !!!

    221. 221
      V Says:

      Worked like a charm… Thank you! :>)

      I heard that these types of bugs
      using technology are deliberately implanted by corporation to
      to encourage consumers to purchase more up to date products.

      Nevertheless… you saved the save HP from a class action.
      There is no way with these many people, having the identical
      problem that HP is not aware, and knew these complaints would increase over time.

      I have notice that the wireless does work, but will cease working if you trun the device off.

    222. 222
      Jay Says:

      Awesome fix, thanks!

    223. 223
      Robin Says:

      Thanks a million!!! After the last Hurricane 🙂 never lost power however printer
      skipped a beat somewhere and was stuck in boot up mode. Called HP stated
      they just discontinued servicing this model! Could sell me a new one! I purchased
      a new one 8 months ago which did not work as well as this one!!! So it is
      wonderful to have my work horse printer back!!! Thanks for such a simple solution…
      until it really does croak!

    224. 224
      Dennis Says:

      Great solution, simple fix. Thank you VERY much for publishing this simple fix. Now to test the functions that I need.

    225. 225
      Mellisa Says:

      thank you so much, I was so upset when my printer pooped out. This fix worked like a charm!!

    226. 226
      Karen Says:

      Thanks for helping so many people. My HP Photosmart C8180
      has the same power issue. Do you have any idea if your
      magic solution will work on the C8180 as well?

    227. 227
      Phyllis Says:

      Much thanks!!!! This was very helpful.

    228. 228
      Mike Says:

      Absolutely unbelievable! I was just about to throw out another HP printer, and then I found your perfectly understandable solution. In 5 minutes my printer was up and running. THANK YOU!!!

    229. 229
      Caleb Says:

      Incredible! This would have taken me a long time to figure out on my own. Mind if I link to it on my blog? If you can email me a trackback, that would be great, otherwise, I will just post it.

    230. 230
      Liliana Says:

      Wow! Worked like a charm! Thanks so much for posting this! I’m a busy realtor and need the legal scanner on this printer, and I hate to throw it out just because the wireless card wasn’t working. Now I’m plugged in but no big deal because I still have all the other functionality.

    231. 231
      Jim Says:

      Great suggestion. My HP 7410 had brand new cartridges when it stuck in boot mode. Unplugging the power cord as you suggest disabled wireless, but got the printer working again. Many thanks!

    232. 232
      John Says:

      Thanks for the solution. Worked perfectly for me as well. Connected via wired ethernet now but at least she still works.

    233. 233
      Mike C Says:

      Thank you ! The printer was not working at all until I unplugged the wires for the wireless.

      Now I don’t have to buy a new printer, yet.

      Thanks !

    234. 234
      traveler Says:

      Thanks for this tip!
      It helped my office jet back on working!

    235. 235
      Audrey Says:

      Thank you so much for this tip. My power went out and my printer froze in boot up mode. It was so easy and it saved me from a lot of frustration. You are the best!!

    236. 236
      armando Says:

      Thank you! This works

    237. 237
      Akim Says:

      This trick worked out perfectly. Too start with, its looks a bit difficult, but was very easy to do and fixed withn 3 minutes.

    238. 238
      francis Says:

      great!!!! it works indeed
      thank you very much

    239. 239
      Krystal Says:


    240. 240
      Cindy Says:

      Thank you for the fix. If you ever find a way to use the printer effectively using wireless, please let me know. Thanks again 🙂

    241. 241
      mmi Says:

      Perfect solution!!!
      When you plug in the cable when the printer is on, the wireless works
      but when you put the printer off and on again, it fails to boot

    242. 242
      Combat Shark Says:

      Thanks!!! It’s working perfect now…

    243. 243
      sonya Says:

      Brilliant thank you for sharing! Its great guys like you who make it all worth their salt !

    244. 244
      Gus Grant Says:

      Hi greetings from NZ I have a hp2210 all-in-one printer
      with all the above problems. can I use your advice on this
      one as well?. Many thanks Gus

      REPLY: I have not worked on that one, I could not say.

    245. 245
      Steve R Says:

      WOW! I can’t believe it worked! You save my night and my printer. I use it do download pixs from my camera memory card because I lost the cable. PERFECT FIX!

    246. 246
      Sowi Says:

      yes man. You are a life saver. Thank veryvery much


    247. 247
      Lisa W Says:

      Here is it April 2016…and your fix just worked for me, too! I can work around the missing wireless. I use this printer mostly for scanning and copying anyway. I know this printer is old but the new ones feel incredibly cheap and flimsy.

    248. 248
      Paul Says:

      I tried your fix and it worked to get my lcd to come back to life but now it is just constantly at the Hp logo screen with the progress bar continuing to cycle back and forth… Any ideas on how to get it back operational? Many thanks Paul

    249. 249
      Jeramy Brundige Says:

      got it thanks y’all

    250. 250
      Jeramy Brundige Says:

      Easy Easy! Thanks Y’all

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