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    HP 7410 Printer Won't Boot Up, Stuck In Software Boot Cycle Fix

    By lighthouse

    If you are reading this it is because you have just joined the HP 7410 printer stuck on stupid club! Your printer is on an endless start up cycle where you just watch the screen bar continuously doing the same thing and you can not use your 7410 printer. You may have already tried rebooting it to no avail, and you may also have tried resetting it with the same stuck on stupid results. And perhaps like some, you may have gone to the HP website for technical assistance, went through a set of printer troubleshooting annoyances only to end up with HP offering you a refurbished HP 7410 all in one printer for $200! I wonder is HP offering to sell us a unit that they repaired, that has the same defective flaw as the printer that we already have? Could this be a means where they are attempting to capitalize on their failure by charging people two hundred dollars for something that they know has lemon like behavior?

    Fix for HP 7410 that will not Boot, stuck in start up mode, seems frozen!

    There is one drawback to this work around fix, and that is that your 7410 all in one printer will not have wireless functionality. So if you are able to use the USB or Network connections to connect your printer, (or if you already are), then this little trick will relief some undue stress for you. Should you decide to do this yourself, make sure for your own SAFETY that you UNPLUG the printer unit before attempting to do any servicing.

    1. Turn the 7410 all in one printer unit around so it is facing you.
    2. Remove the black paper feeder from the back of the printing machine by pressing in on the tabs on either side and pulling away from the machine. See the figure below of the back of the 7410 printer:

    3. Remove the two silver screws, (circled in neon green, in the figure below), holding this back panel piece on. Then with the two screws removed, push upwards on the piece to unlock it from the printer and then remove it.

    4. With this back panel piece removed, look to the upper left side of this diagram below:

    5. Zoom your focus into the area in the illustration below, pay attention to the area where the green arrow is pointing. The wire you want to unplug is the one nearest the TOP of the board and SECOND in from the back of the printer. (I actually used a pair of needle nose pliers to grab the white portion of the connector and pulled it outward to remove it from the main board.)

    6. If you have some question as to what wire it is, look a the picture below, the wire's connector head is rather small, has 6 wires, covered with black plastic sheath, located BEHIND the first (larger) plug in the upper left hand corner, as you look at it from the back.

    7. Once you have removed the wire simply tuck it away from any electrical connections, you could also choose to tape it up with some electrical tape before doing so. Reinstall the HP 7410 all in one printer parts in reverse order. Plug in all your printer connections and then power up the 7410 printer again. I gave my printer about a minute before I started to hear some life coming out of it, and in short order it fully booted up to the normal software booted printing position. In testing it I found that all the functions, (printing, copies, scanning, and faxing), where once again working.


    Topics: Kick It To The Curb | 250 Comments »

    250 Responses to “HP 7410 Printer Won't Boot Up, Stuck In Software Boot Cycle Fix”

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    1. 201
      CHARLES Says:

      MANY THANKS, as it worked quick and easy!

    2. 202
      Zack Says:

      Appreciate to great and smart people. Zack

    3. 203
      Julie Says:

      thanks! Worked

    4. 204
      Steve Says:

      Your the man……………….Thanks.

    5. 205
      Judy Says:

      Thank you, thank you, 5 days of frustration have been fixed!!!
      Like HP printers, hate the lack of support.

    6. 206
      MYT Says:

      One day, after turning off the machine, it would not turn back on. I kept getting the reboot screen. I did a search and found your post and tried it. I was happily able to get the printer working again after removing the wireless cable. It’s a shame because I just started to the use the wireless printing capability a few months ago. This fix saved me from shelling out money for another printer. I have had bad luck with HP printer and the next one I buy, will not be an HP. Thanks for posting the fix, you have helped tons of frustrated folks!

    7. 207
      Joe Says:

      Wow! What an amazing fix!!!Thanks so much!!!!!!

    8. 208
      John Says:

      Thanks! You are a saint (at least in our book).

    9. 209
      Brian Says:

      Thank you for your post. The pictures were a great help. This fix saved my client from buying a new machine. Great post. Brian

    10. 210
      Jose Says:

      Thanks a lot! I wish you all the best in your life!

    11. 211
      Debi Says:

      Thank you so much for this tip!! My printer is now working. Actually, if you follow this process, then after you’ve plugged the printer back in & it goes thru the entire boot up process, if you plug the small connector head back in, your wireless will work also. I tried it & now my printer is working A-OK.

    12. 212
      Happy Camper Says:

      Thank you! It worked. Great job!

    13. 213
      Grant Says:

      Worked for me, too! I got the wireles to work by unplugging, going into setup and turning off wireless, then turn off, plug back in, boots OK, turn wireless back on, and connect – unfortunately, next time I powered down/up, went into boot loop again.

    14. 214
      Marc Says:

      Fantastic solution! You need a special tool for the screws
      because they are not a standard fit. I used my security
      screwbits set to do so. Thanks for making this solution
      available to us.

    15. 215
      Jimmy Says:

      You are the man! that is the only solution that worked for me. I am very grateful for the time you spent in explaining and clarifying with images the procedure. Cheers to you. Kindly,


    16. 216
      michael Says:

      Worked perfectly, thank you very much.

    17. 217
      Eric Says:

      This worked. Thank you so much. I wish there were more people like you so there would be far less e-waste in the world.

    18. 218
      Russell Says:

      Thanks very much. It worked for me and since I don’t need the wireless feature I am leaving it disconnected.

      BTW, I tried to make a donation but I got an error message from PayPal after clicking on the Donation button.

    19. 219
      Laurie Says:

      Thanks for the great tip. It looked like it was going
      to work but now I have error message on the screen that
      says “Remove and check cartridge on right”. I have
      checked and re-checked both cartridges dozens of times. I
      even tried cleaning them as per HP’s instructions but I
      can’t get rid of the message. The black cartridge which
      is on the right is only about 3 months old and has printed
      perhaps 15 pages. The color cartridge which is only
      the left is only a few days old and has printed one page.
      I hate to have to throw out the printer, especially with
      two new cartridges in it. Has anyone had this problem
      and were you able to fix it?

      COMMENT: Sounds like you may have a defective cartridge, are your cartridges generic?

    20. 220
      niko Says:

      thanks man u saved the week !!!

    21. 221
      V Says:

      Worked like a charm… Thank you! :>)

      I heard that these types of bugs
      using technology are deliberately implanted by corporation to
      to encourage consumers to purchase more up to date products.

      Nevertheless… you saved the save HP from a class action.
      There is no way with these many people, having the identical
      problem that HP is not aware, and knew these complaints would increase over time.

      I have notice that the wireless does work, but will cease working if you trun the device off.

    22. 222
      Jay Says:

      Awesome fix, thanks!

    23. 223
      Robin Says:

      Thanks a million!!! After the last Hurricane 🙂 never lost power however printer
      skipped a beat somewhere and was stuck in boot up mode. Called HP stated
      they just discontinued servicing this model! Could sell me a new one! I purchased
      a new one 8 months ago which did not work as well as this one!!! So it is
      wonderful to have my work horse printer back!!! Thanks for such a simple solution…
      until it really does croak!

    24. 224
      Dennis Says:

      Great solution, simple fix. Thank you VERY much for publishing this simple fix. Now to test the functions that I need.

    25. 225
      Mellisa Says:

      thank you so much, I was so upset when my printer pooped out. This fix worked like a charm!!

    26. 226
      Karen Says:

      Thanks for helping so many people. My HP Photosmart C8180
      has the same power issue. Do you have any idea if your
      magic solution will work on the C8180 as well?

    27. 227
      Phyllis Says:

      Much thanks!!!! This was very helpful.

    28. 228
      Mike Says:

      Absolutely unbelievable! I was just about to throw out another HP printer, and then I found your perfectly understandable solution. In 5 minutes my printer was up and running. THANK YOU!!!

    29. 229
      Caleb Says:

      Incredible! This would have taken me a long time to figure out on my own. Mind if I link to it on my blog? If you can email me a trackback, that would be great, otherwise, I will just post it.

    30. 230
      Liliana Says:

      Wow! Worked like a charm! Thanks so much for posting this! I’m a busy realtor and need the legal scanner on this printer, and I hate to throw it out just because the wireless card wasn’t working. Now I’m plugged in but no big deal because I still have all the other functionality.

    31. 231
      Jim Says:

      Great suggestion. My HP 7410 had brand new cartridges when it stuck in boot mode. Unplugging the power cord as you suggest disabled wireless, but got the printer working again. Many thanks!

    32. 232
      John Says:

      Thanks for the solution. Worked perfectly for me as well. Connected via wired ethernet now but at least she still works.

    33. 233
      Mike C Says:

      Thank you ! The printer was not working at all until I unplugged the wires for the wireless.

      Now I don’t have to buy a new printer, yet.

      Thanks !

    34. 234
      traveler Says:

      Thanks for this tip!
      It helped my office jet back on working!

    35. 235
      Audrey Says:

      Thank you so much for this tip. My power went out and my printer froze in boot up mode. It was so easy and it saved me from a lot of frustration. You are the best!!

    36. 236
      armando Says:

      Thank you! This works

    37. 237
      Akim Says:

      This trick worked out perfectly. Too start with, its looks a bit difficult, but was very easy to do and fixed withn 3 minutes.

    38. 238
      francis Says:

      great!!!! it works indeed
      thank you very much

    39. 239
      Krystal Says:


    40. 240
      Cindy Says:

      Thank you for the fix. If you ever find a way to use the printer effectively using wireless, please let me know. Thanks again 🙂

    41. 241
      mmi Says:

      Perfect solution!!!
      When you plug in the cable when the printer is on, the wireless works
      but when you put the printer off and on again, it fails to boot

    42. 242
      Combat Shark Says:

      Thanks!!! It’s working perfect now…

    43. 243
      sonya Says:

      Brilliant thank you for sharing! Its great guys like you who make it all worth their salt !

    44. 244
      Gus Grant Says:

      Hi greetings from NZ I have a hp2210 all-in-one printer
      with all the above problems. can I use your advice on this
      one as well?. Many thanks Gus

      REPLY: I have not worked on that one, I could not say.

    45. 245
      Steve R Says:

      WOW! I can’t believe it worked! You save my night and my printer. I use it do download pixs from my camera memory card because I lost the cable. PERFECT FIX!

    46. 246
      Sowi Says:

      yes man. You are a life saver. Thank veryvery much


    47. 247
      Lisa W Says:

      Here is it April 2016…and your fix just worked for me, too! I can work around the missing wireless. I use this printer mostly for scanning and copying anyway. I know this printer is old but the new ones feel incredibly cheap and flimsy.

    48. 248
      Paul Says:

      I tried your fix and it worked to get my lcd to come back to life but now it is just constantly at the Hp logo screen with the progress bar continuing to cycle back and forth… Any ideas on how to get it back operational? Many thanks Paul

    49. 249
      Jeramy Brundige Says:

      got it thanks y’all

    50. 250
      Jeramy Brundige Says:

      Easy Easy! Thanks Y’all

    Pages: « 1 2 3 4 [5] Show All

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