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    HP 7410 Printer Won't Boot Up, Stuck In Software Boot Cycle Fix

    By lighthouse

    If you are reading this it is because you have just joined the HP 7410 printer stuck on stupid club! Your printer is on an endless start up cycle where you just watch the screen bar continuously doing the same thing and you can not use your 7410 printer. You may have already tried rebooting it to no avail, and you may also have tried resetting it with the same stuck on stupid results. And perhaps like some, you may have gone to the HP website for technical assistance, went through a set of printer troubleshooting annoyances only to end up with HP offering you a refurbished HP 7410 all in one printer for $200! I wonder is HP offering to sell us a unit that they repaired, that has the same defective flaw as the printer that we already have? Could this be a means where they are attempting to capitalize on their failure by charging people two hundred dollars for something that they know has lemon like behavior?

    Fix for HP 7410 that will not Boot, stuck in start up mode, seems frozen!

    There is one drawback to this work around fix, and that is that your 7410 all in one printer will not have wireless functionality. So if you are able to use the USB or Network connections to connect your printer, (or if you already are), then this little trick will relief some undue stress for you. Should you decide to do this yourself, make sure for your own SAFETY that you UNPLUG the printer unit before attempting to do any servicing.

    1. Turn the 7410 all in one printer unit around so it is facing you.
    2. Remove the black paper feeder from the back of the printing machine by pressing in on the tabs on either side and pulling away from the machine. See the figure below of the back of the 7410 printer:

    3. Remove the two silver screws, (circled in neon green, in the figure below), holding this back panel piece on. Then with the two screws removed, push upwards on the piece to unlock it from the printer and then remove it.

    4. With this back panel piece removed, look to the upper left side of this diagram below:

    5. Zoom your focus into the area in the illustration below, pay attention to the area where the green arrow is pointing. The wire you want to unplug is the one nearest the TOP of the board and SECOND in from the back of the printer. (I actually used a pair of needle nose pliers to grab the white portion of the connector and pulled it outward to remove it from the main board.)

    6. If you have some question as to what wire it is, look a the picture below, the wire's connector head is rather small, has 6 wires, covered with black plastic sheath, located BEHIND the first (larger) plug in the upper left hand corner, as you look at it from the back.

    7. Once you have removed the wire simply tuck it away from any electrical connections, you could also choose to tape it up with some electrical tape before doing so. Reinstall the HP 7410 all in one printer parts in reverse order. Plug in all your printer connections and then power up the 7410 printer again. I gave my printer about a minute before I started to hear some life coming out of it, and in short order it fully booted up to the normal software booted printing position. In testing it I found that all the functions, (printing, copies, scanning, and faxing), where once again working.


    Topics: Kick It To The Curb | 250 Comments »

    250 Responses to “HP 7410 Printer Won't Boot Up, Stuck In Software Boot Cycle Fix”

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    1. 51
      Paul Says:

      Sheer Genius. Took ten minutes. Saved me hours of frustration with HP. Just plugged into my Router and it worked like a dream wirelessly trough the router. What a sham that they charged extra for a wirless card that goes bad! ==== Thanks Lighthouse!!!!

    2. 52
      BobbyD Says:

      Wow, easy fix, works great! Thank you!

    3. 53
      Joseph Says:

      I recieved this printer from a friend. It looks brand new. I tried this solution and the printer is working fine! Thanks for the information.

    4. 54
      Paul Anderson Says:

      Thanks for the fix. Works like a charm.

    5. 55
      Richard Says:

      although our 7410 is slightly different then described, we were able to  identify and disconnect the black bundled cable and we are now connected and printing.  Thanks very much – saved us from contributing more money to HP.
       Twenty minute fix.  Great!

    6. 56
      Steve Says:


      Worked a treat.

      Makes you woonder whether this is a ‘programmed’ failure in order to encourage printer upgrades

    7. 57
      DJ Says:

      I cannot be more grateful for this help. It was quick and got right to the issue…… Thanks sooooo Much.

    8. 58
      nick Says:

      I wish I had read this before I went out and bought a new C4780. Which Incidently didnt work in scanner mode with Windows XP so I had to revert to scanning in paint. I used your fix for my 7410 and it worked, thank you as I dont need to throw the thing away or buy a new mother board now. I gave the C4780 to my wife who operates Windows 7.

    9. 59
      Roger Says:

      I encountered this problem yesterday, tried all sorts of reset solutions, to no avail.  So spent yesterday evening researching replacements.  But, as a last resort before buying, I looked for other solutions on the internet and found this one.  And – marvellous.  It worked and I now have an operational 7410 again.  I don't use wireless, so if I've lost it, I wouldn't even know (although the wireless light is still lit on the unit).  So, thank you for this perfect solution.

    10. 60
      Rob Says:

      Worked great.  Can't thank you enough for going to the trouble of posting this. 

    11. 61
      Jayme Says:

      Thank you soooo much.  It worked great and no problem to do.  Thanks again…HP tried to tell me I'd have to buy a new printer!!!

    12. 62
      Ben Says:

      You are my hero! Worked great took two minutes.

    13. 63
      tom B Says:

      It works like a charm.  Thank you so much.  Please email me if you ever have a website. 

    14. 64
      Sylvie Says:

      Oh my goodness,  you are AWESOME!!!  I could not figure out what was going on with my printer for weeks and finally a solution that was clear and straight to the point.  I thank you so very much for your help.

    15. 65
      mike Says:

      lighthouse thanks so much for the post worked great.

    16. 66
      Phaedra Says:

      THank you so much. Unhooking the wireless wire made my printer work again. Thank you soooo much!

    17. 67
      Eric Says:

      I've had the same problem as described. Solved brilliantly by the workaround described which restores the printer function minus the wireless capability. Not good HP – especially if its a code bug

    18. 68
      Don Says:

      Didn't work…….been 5 minutes. still displays 00000020. Guess I'll pitch it. Dam shame, it was a pretty good copier. Thinking about buying a Kodak.

    19. 69
      Mark Says:

      Thank You!  Worked like a charm!!! You are the Best!

    20. 70
      Mike Says:

      Saved me $34.95 that HP wanted to charge me to fix over phone!  You are the bomb! YES!

    21. 71
      Joel Says:

      Fixed in less than 2 minutes!

    22. 72
      Pat Says:

      I was using my 7410 on wireless only and it started today with the same symptoms as others above. Your fix solved the problem, but now my wife can't use my printer on our wireless LAN in the house. Oh well, I guess I'll eventually have to purchase another wireless printer. NOT HP! ! ! ! ! Thanks very much for the well presented information.

      NOTE: you could network her computer through your computer or possibly through your router?

    23. 73
      Martin Rodriguez Says:

      Thanks for a great post with simple and accurate instructions.  It took all of 5 minutes and the printer is working again.  Obviously this is an HP defect, they should have to replace all of our printers this is ridiculous..  I need the wireless feature, but at least I'm working for now.. 
      Thanks again.

    24. 74
      Paul Says:

      Hi – That fix worked brilliantly – thank you very much! I thought I was going to have to buy a new printer!
      Best wishes,

    25. 75
      Theo Says:

      Hi Lighthouse,
      thank you very much for this workaround! it is easy, and a great fix.
      I am dissatisfied with the quality of this printer. HP used to be a reliable electronics manufacturer, this is garbage, considering the 450 Euro cost…..
      By the time I run out of print cartridges, it may be time to throw the thing out, buy a more reliable printer/scanner.
      Anyway, thanks again!

    26. 76
      Karlton Says:

      THANKS! That got the printer to work!

    27. 77
      Ken Says:

      Geeeez what if we didn't have the internet and people like you! We'd all just be stuck on stupid!   Thanks lighthouse, I appreciate you at least giving us a bandaid.  Sucks that I'm loosing the wireless feature for which I paid extra but at least we can print!

    28. 78
      Ray Says:

      Same problem, printer died while scanning docs. Scan worked fine, last sheet jammed and the HP7410 self-lobotomized into start-up mode.  Opened back, pulled designated plug and back in service. Wow.
      Thanks for the great effort on provinding a solution!.

    29. 79
      Misty Says:

      I feel like I just won the lottery! Well, at least a high dollar scratcher. I had to spend $3.97 at Wal-Mart tonight at 10:45 pm for the 6 star bit to remove the "mind-f'ing" screws….but it saved me $50 on ordering a new power cord which wouldn't have fixed the problem. WOW! Anyone reading this PLEASE follow…it was so easy and it worked perfectly! THANK YOU CALLITOUT!

    30. 80
      BURK Says:

      Wow! Worked perfectly. You need the needle nose pliers and the correct screw driver for the two screws, I didn't have the screw driver (star) but was able to use a small knife point.
      It took less than 10 minutes!
      Thank you.

    31. 81
      BURK Says:

      Worked perfectly in less than 10 minutes!!
      You need the needle nose pliers and a star screw driver.

    32. 82
      Judy Says:

      Did the job after just 5 minutes.  Followed your instructions and am so thankful for your help.  Tried HP support, then went to the forum and found your link.  Again, Thanks

    33. 83
      Mike R Says:

      This was Great !…..It worked..At least the printer can be used after spending $85 for new print cartridges…Thank You

    34. 84
      Brenda Says:

      You're a life saver!  We were all ready to go out and buy a new printer, but with your wonderfully detailed instructions, we did your fix (which only took 5 minutes) and the printer is back to working like a champ.

    35. 85
      Brenda Says:

      You're a life saver!  With your wonderfully detailed instructions (which only took 5 minutes to perform), our printer is back to working like a champ!

    36. 86
      Yesh Says:

      It totally worked . Awesome man.

    37. 87
      Mark Says:

      This worked like a charm for me, which is great cause I still had a bunch of ink for this thing from costco, The big packs…So I'm happy to use $300 worth of ink before I decide if I should purchase another printer so I can get the Wireless Functionality again!  Thanks to you… and no thanks to HP as I searched the same terms on their site first trying to find a fix to no avail!  After purchasing the duplexor on top of the $500 wireless printer I am upset that I will back to square one after this ink is gone.  HP won't get my money next time!

    38. 88
      Tony Says:

      Thank you for your kind instructions!
      I never could get the wireless to work reliably so this change was just fine with me.

    39. 89
      Jack Says:

      Fantastic, printer now works.  Took less than 5 minutes to go through your routine, then printer fired up in 2 minutes.  And to think I have been battling this problem for over a year, although it would boot up in time.  This time house electric went out and then printer would NOT boot up.
      Thank you very much.

    40. 90
      Winslow Says:

      Remarkable!  About as easy and straight forward a fix as there could be. The once worthless and about to become recycled junk of an HP 7410 now works. And I weigh-in in total agreement that HP is putting out unreliable products.  They should be ashamed (and Carly Fiorina is largely to blame – Barbara Boxer's hair is nothing compared to her hubris).  It has been a nightmare trying to find a solution via HP support. This is obviously a problem, yet they will not/cannot post the fix?  Many thanks to Bob Headrick for sending me here, and to you, Lighthouse, for solving the problem!  

    41. 91
      Boo Says:

      This worked perfectly, thank you so much! 🙂

    42. 92
      Randy Says:

      Wow! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

      btw,  the screws are a Torx T10, screw tips or screw drivers are readily available at Sears, Home Depot and Lowes.


    43. 93
      Lynne Says:

      Thank you do much.  In 5 minutes  I had the printer working again. Your instructions were direct , simple and effective. I had no idea so many people are having the same problem.  I am grateful for your help.

    44. 94
      Lez (UK) Says:

      I can not thank you enough, its people like you that spend the time in documenting proceedures like this save others time & money, most people dont have the inclination to spend the time sharing this brilliant quick fix.

    45. 95
      Mark Says:

      Thank you very much for the help and assistance, it took me longer to get my tools out than it did to fix the problem.

      Great solution and easy fix, TYVM for a $300 plus replacement solution!!

    46. 96
      Kevin Says:

      awesome fix btw. worked a treat

    47. 97
      B. J. Says:

      Thanks for the great instructions to get the printer operational.  Piece of Cake!  From all the comments it seems that HP has some serious problems with these units.  This one was given to me by my wife's office.  They couldn't get it to work so they bought a new one. I noticed that the unit they gave me had a reconditioned sticker on the back.  They purchased it as a new unit.  Shame on the Retailer.  Reminds me that we should ALWAYS check purchased peripherals before we leave the store or have a statement form the seller that the unit is new, used or reconditioned.

    48. 98
      Don Says:

      It worked great, and saved me the $100-$250 it would have cost to get a new printer.   I found that printing with wireless was SO much slower than USB, so I don't miss the wireless.

    49. 99
      Josh Says:

      Could not have been easier!!!  Thank You!!!

    50. 100
      Meredith Says:

      Fantastic!!!  This worked like a charm!  My only challenge was getting the little screw out, but used needle-nosed pliers.  Than you again!

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