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    HP 7410 Printer Won't Boot Up, Stuck In Software Boot Cycle Fix

    By lighthouse

    If you are reading this it is because you have just joined the HP 7410 printer stuck on stupid club! Your printer is on an endless start up cycle where you just watch the screen bar continuously doing the same thing and you can not use your 7410 printer. You may have already tried rebooting it to no avail, and you may also have tried resetting it with the same stuck on stupid results. And perhaps like some, you may have gone to the HP website for technical assistance, went through a set of printer troubleshooting annoyances only to end up with HP offering you a refurbished HP 7410 all in one printer for $200! I wonder is HP offering to sell us a unit that they repaired, that has the same defective flaw as the printer that we already have? Could this be a means where they are attempting to capitalize on their failure by charging people two hundred dollars for something that they know has lemon like behavior?

    Fix for HP 7410 that will not Boot, stuck in start up mode, seems frozen!

    There is one drawback to this work around fix, and that is that your 7410 all in one printer will not have wireless functionality. So if you are able to use the USB or Network connections to connect your printer, (or if you already are), then this little trick will relief some undue stress for you. Should you decide to do this yourself, make sure for your own SAFETY that you UNPLUG the printer unit before attempting to do any servicing.

    1. Turn the 7410 all in one printer unit around so it is facing you.
    2. Remove the black paper feeder from the back of the printing machine by pressing in on the tabs on either side and pulling away from the machine. See the figure below of the back of the 7410 printer:

    3. Remove the two silver screws, (circled in neon green, in the figure below), holding this back panel piece on. Then with the two screws removed, push upwards on the piece to unlock it from the printer and then remove it.

    4. With this back panel piece removed, look to the upper left side of this diagram below:

    5. Zoom your focus into the area in the illustration below, pay attention to the area where the green arrow is pointing. The wire you want to unplug is the one nearest the TOP of the board and SECOND in from the back of the printer. (I actually used a pair of needle nose pliers to grab the white portion of the connector and pulled it outward to remove it from the main board.)

    6. If you have some question as to what wire it is, look a the picture below, the wire's connector head is rather small, has 6 wires, covered with black plastic sheath, located BEHIND the first (larger) plug in the upper left hand corner, as you look at it from the back.

    7. Once you have removed the wire simply tuck it away from any electrical connections, you could also choose to tape it up with some electrical tape before doing so. Reinstall the HP 7410 all in one printer parts in reverse order. Plug in all your printer connections and then power up the 7410 printer again. I gave my printer about a minute before I started to hear some life coming out of it, and in short order it fully booted up to the normal software booted printing position. In testing it I found that all the functions, (printing, copies, scanning, and faxing), where once again working.


    Topics: Kick It To The Curb | 250 Comments »

    250 Responses to “HP 7410 Printer Won't Boot Up, Stuck In Software Boot Cycle Fix”

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    1. 1
      jifru Says:

      It worked as advertised. Thanks for the explicit instructions. No wireless but we’re using the USB anyway.

    2. 2
      vincent Says:

      Thank you works great . I was gonna buy another printer.If I have another problem with any of my computer problems. I will look to your website first. Again Thank you for the fix

    3. 3
      Mz. Parker Says:

      This worked and I could not be happier. This was not a cheap printer (I bought it when it first came out) and do not wish to send this one to printer heaven, not yet.

      Thanks a bunch!!!

    4. 4
      IT admin Says:

      you are a freakin awesome. worked like a charm. thanks!

    5. 5
      IT admin Says:

      on a side note…

      i wish HP would just die! Die!! DIE!!! their lame trouble shooting is never any help. then they try to sell you something. talking to anyone at HP usually ends up in wanting the last 2 hours of my life back. i could have cured cancer by now…

    6. 6
      Rick Says:


      You saved me $$$ I cannot afford to spend right now. Hopefully this POS will not exhibit the other “unfixable” problems common to the product.

    7. 7
      Anonymous Says:

      Great Fix. Thank you. It works for my HP 7410 printer as described!

    8. 8
      Vince Guerrero Says:

      You are the shiznit! It worked for me!

    9. 9
      Rob Says:

      This fix worked perfectly for my HP 7410. Absolutely true that HP tried to sell me a new printer. This was a very impressive solution.

    10. 10
      John Says:

      This repair was terrific. Best Buy and HP said they could not repair it because no parts were available.
      Thanks Again

    11. 11
      aaron Says:

      worked like a charm!!!!!! thanks!!!!!

    12. 12
      Anonymous Says:

      Thanks for your help. It worked. Back on track.
      Thanks again!

    13. 13
      Marshall Craword Says:

      Thank you so much! This site it GREAT! I love the internet! 🙂

    14. 14
      Robbie Says:

      This worked! We have never used the wireless option anyway, thank you so much!

    15. 15
      Ken Says:

      Hey Lighthouse!

      This actually worked on my 7410! It was just repeating the infinite reboot for the last 2 days, and then I found your write-up and gave it a try. Instructions are perfect and I’m now able to print again (after plugging in to the wired network).

      So how did you ever figure this out? Plenty of cables and possibilities inside and who would have guessed that disabling (disconnecting) some component would get everything to work again? Does the connector go to some part of the wireless network adapter? Is the inifinite-reboot caused by the start-up procedure trying to initialize the wireless network but failing (due to failed wireless hardware?) and just re-trying infinitely? Very bad firmware design if that’s the case!


    16. 16
      Anonymous Says:

      Thanks very much. Your instructions and solution worked perfectly. Good job!
      Much appreciated. Thanks again.
      Sincerely, John

    17. 17
      Jeff Rush Says:

      Thanks! I had the same problem and decided to see if the “community” had a fix before I went the HP tech support route. So, is it basically a bad wireless board or what? What exactly went wrong?

    18. 18
      sc Says:

      thanks, it worked

    19. 19
      Sisi Hartman Says:

      This totally corrected the problem. Thanks so much for posting the fix. The only thing I would comment on is the fact that taking the small hex screws were a little difficult because of their size and getting the right tool to remove (not your normal philips head). Thanks again!

    20. 20
      moises quinteros Says:

      Good job, worked like a charm

    21. 21
      Steve Erickson Says:

      You are a star! I wasted a bunch of my time with the techs too and it is sure HP knows exactly what the problem is. Their corporate policy (software included) is a mirror of what is wrong with much of the world. Lets see, they could do the right thing and spend $25 per unit or play dumb and charge $200. Anyone for a class action movement? Thank you for your work-around and hurray for the internet!

      Comment: Yep, WHAT IS RIGHT IS OFTEN FORGOTTEN BY WHAT FILLS THE NEED OF GREED. This mentality is the reason for the poor economy, greed eventually self implodes. It’s time for America to start thinking about people, how to help people, not how to get over on them!

    22. 22
      Mike Says:

      Thanks!!! Worked perfectly, Last time I called India, I mean HP it took them 2 hours and the only thing they could do is send me a refurbished printer… reminds me of what Sony did with the PS2’s… Well thanks again!!!

    23. 23
      Chris Myers Says:

      Yep. Works just you said it would. Junk. Sad thing is that I do use the wireless interface and both my network drops are used in the room I’ve got it in. I’ll be needing a new one anyway. HP junk. You don’t always get what you pay for. Could have purchased 3 Lexmark printers for the price of this one.

      Just a thought, you might be able to hardwire it into a network interface on your router, if your router is capable of that.

    24. 24
      Sandy Says:

      Didn’t believe it would work but, like so many others, I didn’t have the $$ to replace this beloved and, up til now, no problem printer. Was SHOCKED it actually worked– thanks so much! Now if I could figure out how to ‘share’ with my laptop in the other area of the house without having to physically connect it to the printer, I’d be a truly happy camper! Thanks again! Great advice, EXCELLENT directions– much better than HP (“if these directions don’t work for a system reset, it’s a hardware problem. Sorry.”)

    25. 25
      Ed Foster Says:

      Will this work on the C6150 All-in-One? I do need the wireless connection however.

      I don’t know…..but it will DISABLE the wireless.

    26. 26
      Dave L. Says:

      BRAVO!!!!!! Even with having 13 years of printer repair I would not have figured this one out without your help. I would have paid maybe $50 for a junker printer & swapped out the main board but now I don’t have to. I believe that the wireless part of the main board goes bad & at boot up it can’t get past checking the wireless device. You possibly figured this out by using the computer diagnosis method of unplugging or removing 1 item at a time & booting up until it works or you have tried every unpluggable item. THANKS AGAIN.

    27. 27
      Bryan Says:

      Add me to the list of “it works”. Thanks!

    28. 28
      Bob Lee Says:

      You are wonderful. It worked like a charm.

    29. 29
      Heidi Says:

      hey hey~~ thanks for saving me from having to buy a new printer. YOU ROCK!!

    30. 30
      Jerry Thiessen Says:

      Procedure works great. Unfortunately, I had already upgraded to an 8500 when I found your post, so my daughter gets a great used printer out of the deal.

      Thanks so much!

    31. 31
      Tricia Says:

      I can’t believe i found this fix on the web and that so many other people had the same problem. We too called HP and the best they would do is sell us another one at $379. I can buy it cheaper myself than that and why after paying about $500 2 years ago would i do that?? In fact the next printer we buy will NOT be an HP – have had problem after problem with their wireless printers and their customer service really lacks.

    32. 32
      Frank Says:

      Thank you. This worked perfectly and I’m printing again!!

    33. 33
      Bill Says:

      Yep – Worked for me too – Thanks a ton! Saved my kid’s homework!

    34. 34
      Fabio Soto Says:

      I just got back from vacation and when I turned the 7410 it was caught in the endless invent cycle. The 7410 will not start or boot. Invent, indeed! something that works for a change. I will never buy any HP product. It is the second time that this printer has failed in two years. Laptops from them are not any better – STAY AWAY!
      Thank you for posting the workaround. The instructions were exquisite. Fabio

    35. 35
      Neil Says:

      Ive been dealing with this issue for a while now. Normally I let the printer sit for 2 days and it will finally boot, but no longer.
      Thanks for the work around. I will miss wireless, but it’s not worth buying a new printer

      Your my hero!!

    36. 36
      Steve Says:

      Man, did this save my bacon. Worked exactly as described. This is a problem with the second HP printer I’ve had to purchase through a warranty agreement and now it won’t be the third. Thank you!

    37. 37
      Debby Says:

      Unbelievable!!!!!! you rock the instructions were a piece of cake to follow.. the hardest part was finding the allen wrench to take off the screws … as stated above I spent over a half hour with HP tech support just to have them try to upgrade me for $269 not the next printer UGHHHHHHHHH.. This worked just as advertised. We were using the USB and not the wireless any way but isn’t it a pity that HP can’t get it right with the wireless and just try to sell you something else that probably won’t work so they can upgrade you…hummmm I think I see a pattern here.

    38. 38
      Elyse Says:

      You, sir, are a genius! I’ve been wrestling with this printer for months now. I eventually talked to a service tech, but of course that didn’t help. Your solution worked like a charm, though. I was a little sad about losing the wireless, but by connecting the printer directly to my wireless router via an ethernet cable, my wireless is back in business. Thanks so much! 🙂

    39. 39
      j mullins Says:

      OMG is all I can say. When I heard those sweet sounds of rebooting, I was thrilled! THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME FUNDS I DIDN’T HAVE!!!

    40. 40
      Cristy Says:

      Thank you so much! I was so bummed that ours was broken because I knew we would not be able to upgrade and I use the printer all of the time for my homeschool curriculum. I really aprreciate you taking the time to put this on the internet. Seriously. I am VERY grateful! God bless you!

    41. 41
      Ron Says:

      Worked great! The center where I work had 3 of these units with this problem, the fix saved us many $$$. Thanks

    42. 42
      Leo Says:

      Thanks so much, it worked perfectly, this problem was so frustrating and your fix was just great!!!! You are amazing! Really appreciate the help.

    43. 43
      John Says:

      Great advice….wonder if the wireless card fries out and causes this…HP hear this….I will not buy another HP product again. This fix was so easy, if you’d just fess up and tell your clients the truth, they’d still be clients. When I kick this puppy to the curb and my HP PC, no more HP. Thanks lighthouse…you should open a business!!

    44. 44
      edward Says:

      Sounds weird but it worked for me. Thank you for publishing this without users having to pay.

    45. 45
      Tom Says:

      I joined this unfortunate group of HP 7410 owners on January 2. These instructions allowed me to get my printer back up and running.

      I have since obtained a used wireless board and main motherboard for the HP 7410. I replaced the parts one at a time. What fixed the printer was the main motherboard. Apparently the interface circuitry for the wireless board had failed.

      For those who need to get wireless capability back, here is a little trick I use to give wireless capability to ethernet ready devices that do not have wireless. I use a Linksys Wireless Access Point or a Linksys Wireless Ethernet Bridge. I configured the wireless settings to communicate to the wireless communications on my router. I set the Default Gateway to my routers network address, set the Subnet Mask to that of my network, and gave the device a unique IP Address that would not conflict with any other device on my network. Afterwards I plugged this into the printers Ethernet port and then had instant wireless communications without any device drivers being needed. I have used this on Internet ready Televisions, Laptops, Blu-ray Players, HP 6940 Printers and Directv Satellite Receivers without any problems what so ever. Like the HP Printers these Linksys devices have built in web setup pages which are generally easier to use than the setup software CD’s that come with them. Good Luck!

    46. 46
      John Says:

      This is 1/12/10 and the above instructions WORK PPERFECTLY!!!! My printer has been in that cycle mode for ages….and when I just re-connected (right when it looked like the problem was still there) about 45 seconds into it the cycling stops.


      And if you are one of those people that just think “YOUR” situatio may be different….rather than wasting an hour of your life…..just walk through my call below. Because that is exactly the same call that will take you an hour….that you can do in 2 minutes.

      Then forget about “wireless” and get your printer back up and running. Thanks Lighthouse, pretty ingenious of you! And certainly thanks for sharing.


      Jessica : I understand that you are experiencing issues with your HP Officejet 7410 All-in-One printer with Windows Vista computer. Am I correct?

      John : yes please. Screen is currently on and just continues to re-cycle. It does nothing else

      Jessica : Let us isolate and find the solution.

      Jessica : Is the power of the All-in-One connected to any surge protector right now?

      Jessica : Please disconnect the power of the All-in-One from surge protector and connect it direct to wall outlet.

      Jessica : Now, perform the steps given below:

      1. Unplug the power supply from the wall outlet.
      2. Unplug the power supply from the back of the printer.
      3. Wait at least 20 seconds, then plug in the supply back into the wall outlet.
      4. Plug in the power supply back into the printer.
      5. Press the power button to turn the printer on.

      Jessica : Please let me know if you have any difficulties in performing the steps

      John: done. when I plug in the power supply the printer automatically turns that screen on and starts to recycle. There is no need to push “power.” And even though I did, it didn’t do anything else other than continue reclycling. i performed your instructions twice to see i I would get a different outcomes! same reslt

      Jessica : Does the display on the All-in-One shows HP LOgo?

      John: yes. Its an HP. The word “invent” and the recycle bar starts left to right

      Jessica : Now, remove both the cartridges from the All-in-One.

      Jessica : Now, with out reinserting the cartridges in the All-in-One, close the cartridge access door open on the All-in-One.

      Jessica : Then Turn Off and Turn On the All-in-One.

      Jessica : Once done, let me know the message displayed on it.

      John: the moment i plug the power supply in the back of the printer – that scree instantly turnsback on and shows HP logo, invent, and the processing wave from left to right. The wave runs 3 times. Then freezes in the middle during its 4th ru. Then the printer thinks for about 3 seconds. The screen goes dark, and then it pops right back to the original sceen to rn through the above items again

      Jessica : Here I suspect the issue may be with the Internal Hardware malfunction on the All-in-One.

      Jessica : I would like to provide you the reset steps to reset the All-in-One to factory default settings

      Jessica : A semi-full reset will do the following:
      The user settings to the factory defaults, Language and country settings on some models, Fax logs, Fax headers, Fax speed dial information.

      Jessica : Shall I provide you the Semi-full reset steps?

      Jessica : Reset the All-in-One to the factory default settings by using these instructions:

      1. Unplug the power cable from printer when the printer is powered on and wait for 20 seconds.
      2. Then, press and hold # and 6 while plugging in the power cord.

      Continue holding until it displays Semi Full Reset message in the front panel of the All-in-One.

      Jessica : Is the issue still persists?

      John: meaning the screen stays right at that same screen again the moment it gets plugged back in….but i”m doing it one mre time

      John: prblem still persists

      Jessica : John, I regret to inform you that HP Officejet 7410 All-in-One appears to be Out of warranty.

      Jessica : Shall I provide you the best available options at this point?

      John: sure

      Jessica : At this point you can avail upgrade options from HP in which you can exchange the defective printer with higher and advanced All-in-One model and will also get 1 year warranty on the upgraded All-in-One.

      John: before I do anything, should i put the cartridges back in, turn the white wheel all the way to the left, and ut the blue cap back on

      Jessica : No need John.

      Jessica : The best upgrade option is HP Officejet Pro 8500 Premier All-in-One @ $299.99 with in next bussiness Day Shipment.

      Jessica : The Original Cost of the HP Officejet Pro 8500 All-in-One is $ 499.99

    47. 47
      SFC Sawyer Says:

      Worked great. Thanks for the clear instructions on how to get to the wire. I was really getting fustrated. Wasnt using the wireless anyway. Thanks Again

    48. 48
      Jc Says:

      AWESOME, solution work, forget that P.O.S with the wireless…THANKS

    49. 49
      adam Says:

      You just saved me big time!  Thank you so much for this info.  Took me a total of 5 minutes to do once I found this site.

    50. 50
      Mo Says:

      1/31/2010 and these instructions worked like a charm.  Thanks for saving me the heartache of endless troubleshooting and $$$ for a new printer.

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