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  • Inapplicable Rules, Inapplicable Thinking Of Present Factors

    Rules are defined as prescribed guides for conduct or action, directions that define the way a game or sport is to be conducted, or a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior. In today’s society, rules are for when people stop thinking. Old rules are in accordance with old behaviors, old patterns, old beliefs, old thinking, and old ways of doing things. However, old rules are not applicable when things have changed, old rules and old thinking are not in congruency with new factors.

    Often times we get used to things, we develop patterns, habits, and regular behaviors that are incorporated into our lives and into corporate businesses. The tide comes in and the tide goes out, and when the tide is out,  the old high tide rules are not applicable in the low tide. However many businesses have difficulty transitioning from the high tide rules to the low tide changes. They remain stiff and hard headed about the way they do business.

    At a time when economic depression has set in across the globe you can’t expect to make the sales the same ways you used to. Why? Because the old ways are not applicable to the present conditions. Besides that, there is an area for many people and businesses that need fundamental realignment, (businesses are run by people). Instead of using techniques that are in alignment  with manipulation to make sales, what about doing something fair and equitable? What about altering the perspective to come into congruency with reality? What about making things easier on others so things will be easier on you?

    People have been programmed to believe that more is better, how is that working these days? When you get stuck in old thinking you miss the opportunity to increase. Take two dollars and give one to a customer, did you just decrease or did you just expand? The old programming may have you stuck in old perceptions that are holding you back. You don’t have to make a profit percentage of exactly 30% or more on individual items. Lower your individual bottom line, that will increase your sales and the ending results will improve, (or stay stuck struggling with your old rules).

    Keeping your old credit rules in a time when a high percentage of people are struggling will subtract from your ability to increase. “Well the rules say that if the credit score is 640 or below we give them this percentage rate”. What good does charging people more do in a time when they are being more conscious of their spending habits? Many businesses are penalizing people for things that are well beyond their control, and it is coming back to roost in their own laps. Incentive is defined as a positive motivational influence, or an additional payment to others as a means of increasing output. Let go of the greed and you will fill your own need.

    Those who are too big for their britches will be exposed in the rear end. Many businesses think that they can chase off some customers without repercussions due to their overall business size. Each customer adds up, and each customer who is treated poorly will remember how a business treated them, and they will tell 10 friends about it! There comes a time for all of us when we need a second chance, and if that time has not come for you, it will. Now if you have forgotten about the grace, mercy, and opportunity that was given to you, may this refresh your memory. If you have not experienced a time when you needed another chance, consider that the same measure you give to others, will be given unto you.

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