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    Health Alternatives To Medicine Herbs Wellness Healing Remedies

    By lighthouse

    Please share your medical alternatives here for healing, wellness, and overall health. There are so many herbs, extracts, and natural healing remedies to be shared. When the typical medical prescriptions fail it’s nice to know that there are some alternatives.

    Please note we do not take responsibility for any suggestions given here. The choice is yours if you follow any ideas here, the risk is totally yours.


    Topics: Health Alternatives | 3 Comments »

    3 Responses to “Health Alternatives To Medicine Herbs Wellness Healing Remedies”

    1. 1
      Water Says:


      Today in Japan it is popular to drink water immediately after getting up in the
      morning. Besides, scientific testing has proved that these values – described below
      – are exact.

      For the elderly and with serious illnesses as well as modern illnesses the water
      treatment has proved to be effective says the Japanese medical society. A cure of
      up to 100% has been proven in the following illnesses.

      Headache, body ache, cardiac system, arthritis, epilepsy, excess weight, bronchitis,
      asthma, TB, meningitis, urinary illnesses, gastritis, vomiting, diarrhea, diabetes,
      hemorrhoids, eye illnesses, constipation, uterine Cancer and menstrual disorders,
      EENT disorders.

      1. Upon awakening and before brushing your teeth, drink 640ml – 22. oz of water
      (4x160ml, or 4x 5.5 oz).
      2. Brush your teeth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.
      3. After the 45 min. wait, you can eat normally.
      4. 15 min after breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat nor drink for 2 hours.
      5. The elderly and sick that cannot drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning,
      they can start by drinking one glass of water and gradually increase the amount
      until reaching the 4 glasses/day.
      6. This methodical treatment will alleviate you so you can enjoy a healthy life.

      The following list gives us the number of days this treatment requires to
      cure/control/reduce main illnesses.
      1. High blood pressure – 30 Days
      2. Gastritis – 10 days
      3. Diabetes – 30 days
      4. Constipation – 10 days
      5. Cancer – 180 days
      6. TB – 90 days
      7. Arthritic patients must follow this treatment for only 3 days the first week,
      daily starting on the second week.

      This treatment does not have secondary effects although you will be voiding
      (urinating) quite frequently at the beginning. It is better if we try this than to take a lot of chemicals as a routine in our lives.

      Drink water – Be healthy and Active.
      This makes sense for the Chinese and Japanese who drink hot tea with their meals,
      not cold water, maybe it is time we adopt the habit of drinking tea or tepid water
      while we eat. Nothing to lose, but we sure will gain.

      For those of you who enjoy cold water these article is applicable to them. It is
      pleasurable to drink a glass of cold water or refreshment during or after meals
      nevertheless, cold beverages solidifies the food we eat especially greasy food. This
      retards digestion. Once this ‘mud’ reacts with the digestive acid, it decomposes and it is absorbed faster than solid food by the intestine. This could lead to cancer. It is best to
      have some hot soup or room temperature (or tepid) water or hot tea after each meal.

      A note regarding heart attacks.
      Women must know that not all of the symptoms of a heart attack mean pain on the left
      arm. Be attentive to an intense pain along your jaw.
      Maybe you’ll never have a ‘first’ chest pain during a heart attack.
      Nausea and intense sweating are common symptoms. 60% or those having a heart
      attack as they sleep, never wake up. A pain in the jaw can wake you from a deep
      sleep. Let us be careful and be alert.
      The more we know, the more chances we’ll have to survive.
      A cardiologist says that if everyone who received this mil can send it to at least
      one other person, you may be sure you may save a life.

    2. 2
      Priscilla Says:

      This is so true! My frist heart attach was a band tighting around my chest. My second started in my jawthen down to my chest and arm. I thought it was acid reflux. Not! also people who think if they are swelling to drink less water not a good idea, my step-mom’s feet had been swollen for 5 years, recently she moved in with us, because concerns. I got her to drinking more water, her feet went down within 3 days. Praise our Father, our most high power, I give all the glory to God!

      To our loving God, Amen.

    3. 3
      Spirit Walker Says:

      I am a firm believer in vitamins. Today vegtables are grown so quickly and meat raised so fast, that I think the vitamins and minerals are dimished. I look at some of the kids now and they are just so big, in height, I still wonder if the growth hormones they give meat animals are not causing this. They say, the research it does not effect us, but I know medication can be absorbed in the skin, tissues, nerves , muscles and they are wrong so many times the research. One year sugar causes cancer, coffee is bad for you, eggs are bad than they come out with new research says….nope guess not……makes you wonder where all the scientist are getting their training, knowledge, and just wonder what research methods they are using and to whom….doesn’t anyone think it strange they never list or acknowledge their resources? Even television does that ok what study, where and how many people did you research. I guess in college they don’t teach them to list resources they are quoting from anymore.

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