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    Water Quality of Bottled Water, Filtered Water PH Tests

    By Habakkuk

    The PH chart posted above should make things pretty simple when it comes to testing your bottled water, it’s either unhealthy or it’s healthy. This is the very reason why I would suggest that you first consider that the quality of water you drink matters to your body. If the water you get our of your water bottles is acidic, whether it’s been filtered or not no longer holds water.

    I have seen plenty of statistics, data, and videos of people doing PH tests online. But because many of these folks appeared to have a motivation beyond their testing, I decided to run my own water quality PH tests and share them. If you get nothing out of it besides you can run your own water PH tests for about ten bucks, then that’s great! I will say though that you need to watch some of these crafty people with their hi tech water gauges and probes. I seen one try to fool the world by moving the probes from one test to another at the speed of lightning just to improve the quality of another water sample. It does not take much to alter a sample of water with some higher quality water, or visa versa. Be aware of people who are trying to sell you something. This is one reason why I say to check things out for yourself in your own area. Invite some friends over and have a water quality testing party, and have them bring a bottle of water, (it’s more cost effective that way).

    Water Quality in Bottled Water, Water Dispensaries, & Local Water

    After completing the first test it was obvious that the bottled spring waters were producing higher water quality results, so I decided to expand on that a little and include a few more waters just for grins. All the testing I am doing is for myself, it is to determine what brands of bottled water or filtered water I am going to using in my home. I wanted to have clear options on 5 gallon water bottles, 1 gallon water bottles, 16.9oz bottled water as well as possibly buying filtered water locally, (which is what some of these big name brands sell, tap water that has been filtered and then placed in bottles to sell). Basically, if it’s not imported bottled water, usually spring or well water, then it’s filtered water put in a bottle.

    Water Quality Of Bottled Spring Waters, Generic Spring Water

    All the bottled spring waters had the origin of the water on the labels. Two of the most notable, Arrowhead and Pure Life, both originated from Canada, 1 being from a spring and 1 being from a well. The generic spring waters tended to come from Arizona, and Crystal Geyser comes from the Palomar Mountains. My hope in all of this is that everyone ends up drinking water that is good for their health, in order for that to happen everyone must be informed at some level. I myself purchased Aquafina for years thinking it was the best water, and that turned out to be total silliness.

    One other thing, I hear lots of people saying; “it’s not good to store water in plastic”. OK, well then where are you going to store it in this day and age? How are you going to store and import that spring water? Not how are the companies going to do it, how are YOU going to do it? And, I wonder if those same people have considered the lakes, rivers, storage tanks, and pipes that house much of our domestic water? There will always be something to nitpick.


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