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    Minitool Failed to Load Disk Access Driver -Fixed

    By lighthouse

    Imagine my surprise when the Minitool Partition Wizard generated an error message after being so steadfast and productive. I simply could not believe it since it was on a new install of windows 7, which was on a new computer. I actually wanted a resolution, not a replacement. So I ventured onto the web looking for answers, doing a google search for “Minitool partition wizard failed to load disk access driver. Please try to launch Minitool Partition Wizard again”. I found many possible answers, but initially most people said that they had uninstalled the Minitool Partition Wizard program, and then reinstalled it to no avail. Well, that at least saved me some wasted effort and time.

    I then got hopeful when I read in a couple of different places where people were suggesting to “run the program as administrator”. So I went to the file directory where the minitool partition wizard .exe file was located and right clicked it. Seeing that the check box to run the program as administrator was not checked, I got my hopes up, I checked the box and applied it. I then closed the dialog box and again tried to load the minitool partition program, and again I got the error: “Minitool partition wizard failed to load disk access driver. Please try to launch Minitool Partition Wizard again”. Utter disappointment!

    The next thing I read was how one person simply installed a different program, one that I had used before, but was not quite as capable as Minitool is. So I sighed and continued my search, when I came across a article that was talking about checking drivers. Then a big bell went off in my head, I had disabled some drivers by using the program Autoruns. Could it be that I shot myself in my own foot?

    So I quickly went to the Autoruns program and enabled a driver “vsmraid”, which I had disabled and restarted my machine. Well that did not work either, so I loaded Autoruns again. At that point I only had two drivers that were left unchecked, mainly because they were highlighted in pink and did not appear to have a source. But I figured I should follow through and positively determine if they had any affect on the Minitool partition wizard error.

    Next, I checked the bottom box of the two drivers, “pwdspio”, and then unchecked the box for vsmraid and restarted my computer. My next attempt to load minitool was again a failure. I then unchecked pwdspio and checked pwdrvio and rebooted my PC. Guess what? No cigar, again I got that annoying Minitool partition wizard error. So that left me with a couple of other possibilities, I checked driver box for pwdrvio.sys & pwdspio.sys and restarted windows. See the snapshot of the Autoruns program where the listing was for these two drivers below:

    After restarting my computer I attempted to load Minitool, and whoo-lah, Houston we have lift off! Based upon the method of singling out the possibilities, I was able to determine that I needed both pwdrvio.sys & pwdspio.sys drivers, but did not require the vsmraid driver, which in this case was a via raid driver for AMD, not for the Intel in my machine.

    In conclusion, my Minitool partition wizard error is now resolved. If you did not use Autoruns, I would suggest you download and install it, just so you can take advantage of it’s features. Initially you could check out the drivers that are set to run at startup, and see if the pwdrvio.sys & pwdspio.sys drivers are listed and if they are checked. If they are not checked, you know what to do.


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