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    iTunes Update 11.1.4 Runtime Error R6034 Fix, Reinstall iTunes Error 7

    By lighthouse

    Not that I have anything to do with it, but I am sorry you are going through this rather annoying repair process simply due to 11.1.4 iTunes update which went south. You are here because you too have run into the Runtime Error R6034 prompt that won’t go away. Chances are that you have already tried to reinstall iTunes and ended up right back where you started, with the same iTunes 11.1.4 Runtime Error R6034 that says; An application had made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application’s support team for more information. I am going to give you a process that should resolve this for you, this iTunes fix will require removing some associated iTunes applications, some that will uninstall, and perhaps a couple that won’t uninstall, at least not without a little assistance.

    Update Failure, Download Windows Fixit Portable

    You may as well get ahead of this eight ball now, you will most likely need it to uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support and Bonjour, which unfortinantly is required to fix the iTunes Runtime Error. Download and install Windows Fixit Portable. The link will open in a new window, once you are there click on the link that says; “Advanced-Download to run on a different or disconnected computer”, right below the green button. Click the yellow download button and save it to your computer. Next run the program, it will give you an option to save it to a file for portable use, choose this option as it will likely save you from installing this uninstaller fix program twice. Pay attention to where you save it to, for convenience I would suggest your desktop.

    Problems Updating, Uninstall iTunes Software, The Fix

    You will need to uninstall all of these programs in the following order:
    1. iTunes
    2. Apple Software Update
    3. Apple Mobile Device Support
    4. Bonjour
    5. Apple Application Support

    Open your control panel, go to start, then settings, then control panel. Choose add or remove programs and wait for it to populate. One by one remove the programs above in the order specified. Now if and when you come across a program that will not uninstall, such as:

    Troubles Uninstalling Apple Mobile Device Support

    Close the add remove programs section. Then open the folder where you have saved Microsoft Fix It portable, and look for and click the icon that says “Launch Fix It”. The program will scan your computer and then give you some options to choose from. Choose the one associated to help with installing or uninstalling software. This will populate a list for you to again scroll thru and choose the associated fix for removing software. The program will now scan your computer and give you uninstall options to choose from, click on the program that is not uninstalling correctly and then click the button. The program will then run the task and ask give you the options to choose from successful or non-successful removal. Again, go back to your control panel and check your add or remove programs to see if the program is gone. Choose the applicable statement for the fix it program and click the button. Repeat the processes as necessary until you have removed the five Apple software programs above. Then reboot your computer to flush your system.

    Reinstall iTunes Fix

    Download iTunes, preferably to your desktop for easy access. Then reinstall the program, (for Windows Vista or Windows 7 reinstall by right clicking the iTunes installation icon and selecting Run as Administrator, or by using an account with administrative rights that will supply the same outcome). Once the iTunes software application has completed it will give you the option of running the program, go ahead and test it!

    Maintenance Your Computer By Defragmenting It

    After all these processes of removing and replacing files your computers files are going to be a mess. To give you an idea of what I mean by mess, consider having a all your important paperwork, (that you have neatly filed away), tossed all over your floor with papers spread thru your home form living room to bedroom to the garage. It’s going to be hard to find what you need, which is the same issue your computer is going to have if you don’t defragment your PC.

    To run disk defragmenter, typically go to start, then programs, then accessories and click the icon. Highlight drive “C” and then click start, (Run the program even if it tells you that it does not need to be done). Don’t interrupt the program until it has completed. This may take 10 minutes or hours depending upon the level of defragmentation, which would be associated to the last time you defragmented it. If you have never defragmented your computer it may be a while depending on the speed of your computer. If you have never run defragmenter, disable any screen savers from running prior to running it, and if necessary be prepared to let it run all night, checking it’s progress in the morning. As long as you have some kind of positive progress, meaning the percentage of completion is increasing, all is going well.


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