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    You cant get an accurate referrence on your past until you have an
    accurate referrence on your present.

    You have to get a handle on your current reality if you are ever going
    to be able to accurately diagnose where you came from.

    Defining experiences have power, they have personal impacts
    that are fraut with adversity. They are not making or breaking
    you……they are revealing you. They are endeavoring to reveal you.
    Your circumstances do not make or break you, they reveal you.
    Somewhere in the affliction is the treasure.

    Have you had to carry some things on your back for a while?

    It’s in your seasons of being burdened that you dream again.
    It’s in your seasons of darkness that you think about light.
    It’s in your seasons of mourning where it turns into dancing.
    It’s in your seasons of ashes where you dream about beauty.

    The tighter it gets the bigger you are,
    the more constricted it gets, the more expansive you become.

    Inspiration carries intention, but inspiration is carried by a burden.
    It’s the sorrows in the burden barring areas of your life that teach you
    how to dream.

    Intuition gives birth to the inspiration and wakes up instinct.
    When instinct and inspiration see each other it releases the law
    of attraction, and when that happens it releases the law of intention.

    Transition from the way things were to the way they are becoming.
    With every setback there is a comeback.
    Within every opposition there is a secret to victory.

    You are not were you are based on where you came from…
    you are where you are based on where you are going.

    That burden that you may be complaining about holds something
    precious, embrace it, your key is in it. Break bread and give thanks for it!

    Your about to be inspired, your instincts are about to get married to your
    inspiration and your about to create a powerful attraction for the devine
    intention, the manifestation of your hearts desire.

    The plans of a man are like a deep well, but the man of understanding draws
    them out. Proverbs 20:5

    It’s not what’s happening to you, it’s what’s happening for you. Stop looking
    at what you think are the break downs and start looking for the breakthroughs.