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    The sea and the rocks love embrace

    By lighthouse

    The sea and the rocks having a endless love affair, sometimes gentle, sometimes wild in their embrace.
    So why can’t we be like that, when we are alone feeling dispair?
    Why can’t we not look at the clouds and feel the hugging love they can give us?
    Why at night can’t we look at the endless universe and see how small we are.
    Why can’t we look at Gods creation, at it’s largeness and realize how big His love is?



    Topics: Christian Poems | 8 Comments »

    8 Responses to “The sea and the rocks love embrace”

    1. 1
      Susan Says:

      The Face of God

      Have you ever wanted to touch
      the face of God
      To know what its like for
      Him to Nod
      To feel His breath
      upon your face
      When He releases His
      Loving Grace

      Go outside and rest
      your head
      Upon that tree trunk you
      thought was dead
      Feel the cool breeze that
      rustles the trees
      Know that God has
      also made these

      The face of God is touched
      every day
      We know it by the things
      He has made
      The trees He gave provides
      a breeze you see
      And the dead tree trunk is
      a head rest for me

      Have you ever wanted to touch
      the face of God
      To know what its like for
      Him to nod
      Just look around and you
      will see
      In His creation His
      face shall be

    2. 2
      Susan Says:

      The Creator

      There is but One creator of all
      He has many names in which we call
      Some call Him Allah, Jehovah or God
      He answers to all without even a nod

      A friend in Him is a friend indeed
      With Him by your side you can only succeed
      Your never a loser with the Father above
      He promised that when He sent the white dove

      His love and mercy endures forever
      No earthly form could be so clever
      With our Father inside we can be like Him
      When we trust, believe and turn away from sin

      The creator of all is color blind you see
      He looks in the inside of you and of me
      To find in us a clean heart that is kind
      Will please our creator and give us peace of mind

      Because He is called by a different name
      Does not mean He isn’t One in the same
      Some call Him Allah, Jehovah or God
      He answers to all without even a nod

    3. 3
      Linda Says:


      My life is like a stormy sea,
      I’m tossed about and battered.
      The rain pours down upon me,
      as my hopes and dreams are shattered.
      I strain through my tears,
      but can’t see any lights.
      all i have are fears,
      in this darkest of nights.
      The waves are dragging me under,
      and the water is so very cold.
      All i can hear is the rolling thunder,
      as i reach for something to hold.
      Just when i think the storm might cease,
      and i’ll finally see blue skies,
      that’s when the winds increase,
      and force me to close my eyes.
      I’m weary as i try to cope,
      and i’m lost and feel all alone.
      All i cling to now is hope,
      that this storm will lead me home.

      by: Linda Kennington Graham

    4. 4
      Darlene Says:

      I believe God knew we wouldn’t be able to fully know His love by the vastness of His creation. There was a much bigger problem. The problem of sin.
      The Bible says, All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. God showed us His love through Jesus’s death on the cruel cross for our sin. Jesus died for you and I. Without knowing Jesus, we will not go to heaven. But there is hope, that hope is in Jesus. God loves each and every one of us. Each of us needs to recieve Him as our own personal savior.
      The Bible says, Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
      I asked Jesus into my life when I was 37, but we’re never too young or too old to turn from our sin and turn to Jesus.

    5. 5
      nadia Says:

      when sin, pain and sorrow drown out your voice, know that the Father of mankind, Jehovah is His name knows what goes on in the inside of you. Love so deep, love so kind will lift you up on golden wings so you need not fear or doubt for He is always there for us all.

    6. 6
      Bee Says:

      Jesus said”I am the way, the truth and the light. No man cometh unto the Father except by me.”

    7. 7
      donna shook Says:

      when i open my eyes each day to the beauty God has given to me, i know i am loved. i know i will never be alone, i will never be forgotten. only i can make the change in our relationship by moving away by my actions, thoughts. “for the beauty of the earth, of the sea and of the skies, Lord of all to Thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.”
      donna 04/01/08 @ 3:01pm

    8. 8
      jan Says:

      my comment is for linda march 22 2008, from what she wrote, i can almost feel her pain, i have felt that way in my life, and i wonder what she has went through to make her write out her feelings like that, some one has to be feeling that some how kind of terrible pain to write something like that, with so much feeling, words like that you dont just make up out of your head unless you have been through a terrible time, dont know how else to put it…

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