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    Hotmail Users! Outlook Block; Deciding What Emails You See

    By lighthouse

    Hotmail or Outlook or Live or Windowslive or MSN or whatever is comes next, is using filters to decide what hotmail users and other users of the msn outlook email system view, or don’t view. Hotmail – Outlook tries to brand their technology as the leading edge against fighting spam. But what does fighting spam have to do with determining what hotmail users will see in their inbox, or at all? That is not fighting spam, that is controlling and manipulative behavior! So here is the big question, if they are controlling, manipulating, or blocking hotmail users emails, what controlling manipulative behavior is likely to be next?

    What do you know about control freaks? They often look to leverage things to benefit themselves. What do you think would make a business most happy? Mo money right! So, consider this, if hotmail blocks or redirects emails into the spam folder based on particular factors, they might just be able to keep you on their site longer, looking at their advertisements, & thus increasing their revenue. So am I suggesting that they may be do some malicious redirecting in order to keep you locked in, or perhaps preventing you, or reducing the chances of hotmail users from seeing totally legitimate emails so they can prevent you from leaving their web site?

    Many different business and people send emails to hotmail users or mns related outlook users. What most hotmail email users do not see is what goes on behind the scenes between those associations. Businesses or other email users, legitimate ones, have an ongoing battle trying to get their legitimate emails thru the so called smartfilter technology. Anyone who is new or has been forced to move servers and has a new IP address will be in for a surprise of hotmail blocks and outlook limitations. Representatives will have to contact hotmail using their support form online in order to remove blocks or imposed outlook limitations. In doing so, the msn outlook email representatives will determine whether or not your problem getting legitimate email thru to msn hotmail users is qualified for mitigation as the put it. But they don’t tell you why you don’t qualify for mitigation when they decline to do so, they just do it and then suggest a bunch of automated suggestions to supposively help you improve your ability to get your emails thru their blockades. So hotmail and outlook users should know that perfectly legitimate emails are being blocked by hotmail or redirect to the spam folder for reasons other than being spam, see the image below.

    Carefully Read Paragraph Number 3

    See where it says; “and because SmartScreen® Filter technology is always adapting and learning more about what is and isn’t unwanted mail, it is not possible for us to offer specific advice about improving your mail content.” Oh my, this is ludicrous! They are saying that they are trying to determine what email humans want to see with a program!!! Humans are emotional beings and can change their minds about anything at a drop of a hat, so this is really taking it to a new level of absurdity, (the state of being ridiculous or wildly unreasonable). Hotmail users beware; outlook knows your ideas, thoughts, actions, and emotions better than you do, and thus will be determining what emails you are likely to view or what emails you are likely to not view based upon a program that has no ideas, no thoughts, no emotions, and NO BRAINS! Then the program will either redirect those emails to the hotmail spam section or block those emails from ever being seen. Whooa, talk about going overboard!

    In the mean time the representatives at outlook continue to respond to english from India, (yes when communicating thru email with msn outlook representatives you get to deal with people who may not be very clear on what you are saying, in fact you will find that your words are often falling on deaf ears). They will tell you things like; “Unfortunately, after reviewing the information you provided and in compliance with our mail policies, we are unable to offer immediate mitigation for your deliverability issue. However, we have some specific recommendations for you to consider that can help you to improve deliverability over time.”

    They will then supply you with the same automated list of things to do that you have already seen, read, considered, and done months ago. Automated robot suggestions like: Regardless of the deliverability status, Outlook.com recommends that all senders join two free programs that provide visibility into the Outlook.com traffic on your sending IP(s), the sending IP reputation with Outlook.com and the Outlook.com user complaint rates.

    Join the Junk Mail Reporting Program (JMRP), a feedback loop in which one can remove users who click spam buttons.

    Join the Smart Network Data Services program (SNDS) provides data about traffic seen originating from your registered IP, such as mail volume and complaint rates.

    They also supply you with their suggestions for mail formatting and user management, (repeatedly like robots who don’t know english). Then when you go to fill out their Support Request Form you get to waste another half hour of your time, often repeatedly! In which they ask you many more questions such as:
    Are you currently a Return Path client?
    Are you Sender Score Certified? (Cost Money, imagine that!)
    Do you publish Sender Policy Framework (SPF)/Sender ID records for your IP?

    Now you can be a member of the JMRP, SNDS, Return Path, have an approved SPF record, a low complaint rate, (below 0.3%, from SNDS, that they suggest), have no black listings, have a good email reputation score at Sender Score, (the return path client they suggest), remove the emails in your database that complain thru the JMRP program, (that they suggest), have good reputations at SenderBase, AOL, Barracuda Central, Trusted Source – McAfee, & have White Listings, (I actually have 6 total), and still they will give you some line of hogwash such as:
    “Hotmail limits the number of email messages a particular IP can send within a time period. Based on an IP’s reputation (built based on various data sources) it is allotted an allowed sending limit per unit time. When an IP (sender) exceeds its allowed limit, any further SMTP commands from the IP will receive the SMTP error code 421 from Hotmail and the connection is terminated.” Really??? What is really going on here?

    You could do a google search to see other articles from around the web on how msn hotmail is illegitimately blocking hotmail users emails. Or if you like you can read this one on hotmails ridiculous blacklisting policies, (One person says “As it stands now, I’ve just been telling everyone I know to switch away from Hotmail as they are clearly not reliable or even ethical.”), See The User Comments Here, (the writer has not a clue), or See The User Responses Here.

    Bottom line, yes there are spammers, but there are also legitimate senders with reputable built lists, such as web site subscribers, who are unable to contact their own users because hotmail is blocking them in one form or another. It seems as though hotmail is using the spam excuse to exercise manipulation and control of what emails users at hotmail, msn, outlook, live, or windowslive get to see. I don’t know about you, but I am not into manipulative control freaks!


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