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    Do Bug Zappers Kill Mosquitoes, Zappers Work On Mosquitoes?

    By lighthouse

    Do bug zappers work on mosquitoes? Do bug zappers kill mosquitoes? Since I moved to a highly infested area I decided to do some web research on mosquito zappers. The first thing I learned is that everyone has an opinion, and those opinions are not always accurate information or actual experience. It does seem that people formulate opinions based on internet hearsay.

    I have read that the black lights that bug zappers use do not attract any mosquitoes. And in contradiction, I have read that bug zappers actually make things worse by attracting more mosquitoes into your yard. Here is my thought, if a bug zapper does attract and kill mosquitoes, then I want one, period. My reasoning is applicable to my surroundings, I live in a brushy, wooded, area near a lake and it is infested with mosquitoes. The mosquitoes tend to hang out around the bushes and trees that surround my home. I have lots of mosquitoes, so for every mosquito that dies, it’s one less that is going to have a chance to suck my blood or transfer the west nile virus. I am looking to cut down on the chances and rid myself of some pests. In my case, I simply do not believe that mosquito zappers are going to attract more mosquitoes into my yard. The attraction is the area itself, bushes and trees.

    Keep in mind I am speaking based on my own individual application and
    experience. I began my hunt, and lengthy internet search which turned
    up all kinds of answers. There are numerous ways to repel or kill mosquitoes, from bug zappers, to sticky paper, to marigolds, to deet repellant, and to use mosquitoes dunks to prevent the larvae from hatching. But my search first focused on a mosquito zapper that works. What I found were numerous positive articles on Flowtron bug zappers, stating that these bug zappers do work on mosquitoes. At $45 bucks I ordered one which is supposively intended to cover a quarter acre.

    Typically mosquitoes are in prime activity mode in the first couple hours
    of the day and the first couple hours of the night. I have seen them on
    numerous occasions gather near sundown in wolf-packs around my home, although not all mosquitoes do this. It seems that the recommendation is to put the bug zapper nearest the bushes or trees to first zap them where they live, but also to draw them away from the home.

    So I plugged it into my back yard as instructed near the bushes and away from the house. I decided to only run it at night, so I put it on a day and night timer. Did the Flowtron bug zapper work on mosquitoes? Do bug zappers kill mosquitoes? When you put popcorn in the microwave do the kernels cook? Yes they do, and yes the bug zapper does work and kill mosquitoes, in fact I referenced popcorn because it somewhat sounds like I have a popcorn popper in my back yard. I did use the chemical attractant that came with the mosquito zapper originally, however I have not renewed it as it seems to do a fine job with the light alone, and I only use it at night.

    My bug mosquito zapper works with a 15 watt bulb, and frankly I do not think any higher wattage’s are necessary. If I wanted to cover more territory, I would get another one with the 15 watt bulb and place it elsewhere. My mosquito zapper requires regular cleaning about once every 1 1/2 weeks as the mosquitoes pile up like a fur-ball on the coils. I simple use a small paint brush to brush it clean during the daytime when the bug zapper is off.

    Does the black light attract mosquitoes? Yes, it certainly does appear that way. Does the bug zapper keep all the mosquitoes away from the house? NO, do not depend on that. I would suggest that you consider a repellent anytime you are outdoors where mosquitoes are prevalent to help prevent you from getting the west nile virus. Does it noticeably cut down the mosquito army? Originally no, but over time yes, I can say there are noticeably less mosquitoes surrounding my home than there were when I first plugged in the the mosquito killer. Can you safely open up windows to your home? That depends entirely on the screen and the screen material. Screens need to be tight fitting with no gaps, and the material needs to be closely woven, closer than your typical screening material as the tiny ones get thru that type. You might consider using solar screening which is more closely woven.

    You can also consider putting in plants, bushes, and or trees that are supposed to be naturally mosquito repelling. In fact, you might wish to consider that if you are remodeling your back yard. A bird feeder might be a good idea, and you may wish to consider a bat house as birds and bats eat mosquitoes. Below is a current U.S. outbreak map with known west nile virus issues.


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